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  1. Zero_

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Gamekinng 99 magic, finally
  2. A third new yorker, 15 mb/s though.. nice. That's actually really good and it's basically all you need.
  3. I guess we live in generally (your ping says otherwise) the same place and have the same ISP. I can't believe I found someone else with this crap, does it get extremely slow at night for you? e.g. past 10pm, because around that time I go from 7-12 mb/s to 2-5..
  4. Zero_

    Headphone Suggestions

    A friend and quick reviews complain about how loud the RX700 is and is booming bass, do you think that'd be too much of a problem? the RX900 look really nice and the only problem seems to be size for certain people, but to me it looks pretty comfortable. Thanks alot. and do you know anything about the Sony MDR-XB500 the RX900 is so hard to find for 60$ and with a reliable seller. Newegg and a lot of other sellers are out of stock or have it on back order without an expected date.
  5. I'm looking for a good pair of headphones at a fairly low price (up to 60$..) can anyone give me some heads up/suggestions? I'd prefer if it was music/gaming, because i'm more familiar with gaming brands the only 2 i've extensively looked through are the Razer Orca and Steelseries Siberia if anyone does know, are these good choices? While looking through reviews, the authors always seem to say that "if you want this or that, there are better choices." so i'm extremely skeptical. Any advice would be great, thanks.
  6. Zero_

    Post Your Reboot Time

    AMD Phenom II 3.2 x2 w/ 2gig ram + win7 ultimate 32-bit is somehow 72 seconds. good enough for me.
  7. I'm positive the WPA2-Personal key i've supplied on both ends is correct. I changed the channel from 2 to 4 and from 4 to 7 and that really didn't do anything How do I go about checking if the DHCP is enabled? Turns out its better to use WEP or 802.11g Can be closed
  8. I recently picked up this crappy phone (sony ericsson hazel) as our plan expired. The wifi, however, seems to be a problem, the phone occassionaly picks up the signal, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night, but more often than not it will not actually work. The signal strength displays as very strong, and it shows up the subnet mask, but the DNS server area is empty and it will not load anything. I have a DIR-615 router. Thanks
  9. Zero_

    Ninja Glove!

    took me a couple tries
  10. So on August 15th 2008 I got 92 fletching. After a couple difficulties, I think I've done it. (92-99 took 12 days)
  11. Zero_

    Fred Figglehorn: The Movie

    I upgraded my speakers just to listen to Fred a while back, insane bass! It's amazing how this is actually going to go through.. Talent Agency?
  12. first class comedy unless he has the money, but either way you'd rather build something -- anyway, the green blotch is due to your graphics settings set to a lower quality for textures than what you had before. that, or it might just be something else, but not too sure. since you've installed your ATI drivers, go into your ATI Catalyst thing and find the area for texture quality, if you really can't stand it then drag it to "quality" or "high quality" PCI-E is for graphic adapters, or a cards. Its a newer type of slot in your motherboard and much faster. Search around newegg for a new gfx card that can fit your computer if you wish to upgrade, but a new gfx card can mean a new power supply which can mean a new motherboard which can mean new RAM which can mean a new CPU
  13. Zero_

    Happy Birthday

    I remember you, happy birthday D:
  14. Zero_

    The Steam Thread

    1.6 is still, and will always be (in my eyes) the best video game to have hit the market from the beginning to now
  15. Zero_

    Fans Are Loud On Startup

    I've seen reports of that everywhere, on newegg, everywhere, and no, it's not a Dell thing. Normal for a computer... but then again, it varies. You could try cleaning them. If it goes away in a few seconds it shouldn't be too much of a worry.

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