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  1. Smaus

    Solo Armadyl Hilt #1

    i quit my log, not rs and it's 135m Just got this in W6 lol
  2. Smaus

    Solo Armadyl Hilt #1

    Finally after roughly 1.5k armadyl kills total ( solo + duo + trio ) with only 10 shards and 1 helm I decided to solo for 2 weeks straight, and this is what I get after about 90 solo kills :twisted: I am currently using it for solo bandos/world 6 bandos and I love it My max so far I would like to thank Scarey Time for telling me the lucky world :) and Malivar 9 for maxing on him! :/
  3. Smaus

    Hit Me 99

    Make love to me now :) I won't hit you to hard :/ but I think you already knew that
  4. Il post more pics tomorow, but I skilled so much this week, over 30-40 levels :D
  5. Smaus

    Lol Died With Karamthulhu

    http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=4sjK_P1r1KA :P
  6. Smaus

    I Can Finally Use The Phrase: Can't Touch This.

    man grats on the level :P ! Sorry I wasn't on but I had to watch cabaret with family :/ gl not getting hit :)
  7. Smaus

    Whats Your Max Hit ?

    Thats not even Funny Str lvl? ~Dg 99 potted with piety 1hp
  8. Smaus

    Whats Your Max Hit ?

    hit this yesterday :)
  9. Smaus

    Solo Chain From Kalphites!

    lies! u didn't solo I BLed, bounty located , share But anyway, don't post this junk :D it's not funny
  10. Smaus

    Master Of Archery!

    Grats on 99 ranged =) chins are so fast Glad you used void otherwise you could have used over 60k chins
  11. Smaus

    I Get Heart Attack From Pixels So What?

    Nice job on the hilt :/ we should go bandos soon :D
  12. Smaus

    I Beat Shadowkid

    Man can't believe it I asked my friend to go bandos he didn't want to so I went solo. First kill was coins and I only wasted 4 food so I wanted to do another, I survived with 22hp, when he died a minion hit me 6, I thought I would die lol. Then I saw hilt on ground ^_^ I clicked on it and teled straight away no Pic on floor sorry, didn't see it straight away and I was nearly dead
  13. Over more then 700 bosses roughly killed since my last drop ( excluding shards ) I get this drop duo with my good friend dwarf attack :P Also got this the day before :P Soon to come, new drops + 99 strenght :D
  14. Smaus

    Uncle Woody's Wonderful Log

    Unfair <_< U killed like less then 100 armas and I killed more then 700 and only some shards <_< =( grats though, give me luck soon

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