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    I like to play Runescape(duh), I love dogs, reading/writing and doing anything outdoors i.e. camping, hiking, etc.

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  1. Gerbiee

    Lowest Skill?

    Besides my p2p skills.....ranging at like 15 or something.
  2. It's never come up in conversation...I don't think they even know, lol. But they do know that I'm weird so they wouldn't care.
  3. Gerbiee

    Whats Your Faverite God?

    Guthix. To the idiots people that are bringing real life religions into this lets have a talk. When the OP asked 'who is your favourite god' they were referring to RuneScape characters, ok? So leave your real life beliefs out of it. Thank you.
  4. No I can't say that I am. I go on everyday for an hour at the most, just trying to get my levels up a bit. Last summer I would say I was...hopefully not again this summer.
  5. Yes, I remember getting lost in the Lumby swamp. I didn't know how to get back so I followed someone all the way to Varrock. I hung around the mining areas just south of there and someone told me to make them a fire (since I still had all of my newb stuff). After that I spent a week training fire making (and was proud when I got to level 10). Later I found the world map.......
  6. Gerbiee


    Wow 18 really? My dog was almost seven, a senior for his size. He had internal problems though. I will tell you enjoyed very day that you have with your pup, but don't spend time worrying about it just enjoy it. ;)
  7. Gerbiee

    Paranoid In School

    Getting caught: -out of uniform -having my cell phone out (ever heard of putting it on silent guys?) That's it. ;)
  8. Gerbiee


    4 cats Hermione--female Ginny--female Midnight--male Kiona--female 6 rats Milly--female Maggie-female Nattie--female Bambi--female Beauty--female Whitlyn--female 4 hamsters Yve--male Noël--male Buddy-male Speedy--male 2 gerbils Roxie--female Pixie--female 5 betta fish Sly--male Vittorio--male Cherry-female Soldrak-female Jem-female 2 oto fish Bonnie Clyde I used to have a dog but he passed away recently, you can see him in my avatar. Pics of my pets here: Clicky
  9. Gerbiee

    Fire Making: Yews Or Maples?

    Thanks for the quick reply. Cute dog by the way. =)
  10. Is it worth it to burn yews or sell the yews and burn maples? I cut my own yews but it takes a while as I am only level 70. What do you guys think?
  11. Gerbiee

    Ever Get Bored?

    Sure plenty of times but I just take a small break or try a new skill. It works

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