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  1. Paid_Page1

    Looking for a clan

    Hello, I'm looking for a clan who's main goal is welcoming and helping beginners. I do not want a clan that makes a big show of helping people to attract attention from moderators (I don't want to become a moderator, period). I have seen several people wandering around doing this, but I haven't been able to find anything organized. If anybody knows of a group like this, I would very much appreciate it. If nobody knows of a clan like this, perhaps there are people a bit more active than I am who would like to start one? Thanks.
  2. A group of people on Runescape calling themselves the Order of Saradomin recently started gaining members. Its goal? - to "devote [their] Runescape time to helping other players," (-Order of Saradomin co-leader WickedKid777). Operating out of the Monastery (just west of Edgville) in World 1, they find players who need help or advice with anything and give it. Although they were unwilling to reveal the extent of their members, they did hint that they had many members, and that they were growing in size rapidly. So - WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? MORE COMING SOON...
  3. Paid_Page1

    Interesting But Odd!

    nope. But I think it is open only to recruits+ anyway. Sorry.
  4. Paid_Page1

    Interesting But Odd!

    ... I would be happy to: I was trying to do the quest: Dragon Slayer. I met one of them, and accepted his help. He then spent the next 30 minutes helping. First, he told me what I needed to buy/attain for the entire quest, and showed me how/where to get it, insisting that it was better to have everything before you start out. The items included a lot of swordfish, something that is not necessary for the quest. He then guided me through Melzar's maze, guided me through getting all the rest of the map pieces (all the while showing me who to talk to, where to go, etc.), and took me to the boat in Port Sarim. He got on the boat to show me how to fix it, and then (since he couldn't go with - having already done the quest) told me exactly where/what to do when I got to the island. I succesfully killed the dragon, and meeted him back in Lumbridge where he took me to the Ozark guy and I sucesfuly completed the quest. When I offered to pay him for his help, he turned down the money and told me that the ony thing I could do for him was to tell anybody else who was looking for help about him and his group. What convinced you of this? I was convinced for a couple of reasons: they got insulted and ridiculed etc. several times and there was no response except for some archaic sentences that went along the lines of: praise be to Saradomin, bringer of light unto out world who helps the poor and brings all unto lightness under his wings. Those who insult his Awesome name should be...." - something like that. They also seemed very dedicated, and although they are not online a lot when they are and I see them they are always still there helping along with the same dedicatedness that they were when I first saw them. I hope that helps!
  5. Paid_Page1

    Interesting But Odd!

    As far as I could tell they looked very serious but no way to know for sure.
  6. Paid_Page1

    Interesting But Odd!

    Could all peeps reading vote? it would be nice to know what peeps think. thanks! Thanks! I agree with you mostly, however I think that (at least for new players) having help is the easiest and best because you also learn from it - if they show you how to do a quest, you still have to do everything, they just guide you. And also, I think once you are showed around a bit, you CAN do things for yourself - remember that this group doesnt just give quest help, it also shows people how to do things for themselves (maybe by guided tours around Runescape, etc.) ... ... ...
  7. Paid_Page1

    Interesting But Odd!

    Unfortunately I was forbidden under penalty of lockdown to tell anyone their names as that would be considered advertising. Sorry. -Thank you! I think it would, although if you met these peeps at all you would know that nothing can break them up. And they certainly dont fall for insults or buggings. (I have seen attempts. the replies were hilariously wise)
  8. Paid_Page1

    Interesting But Odd!

    Uhuh. and they really take it very seriously. AND...your right, helping isnt very big now. Hey it would be nice if people could vote on this when you look at the posts Thanks! ...
  9. Paid_Page1

    Interesting But Odd!

    note the NO FREE STUFF part of my post. Sad, but i guess they know that if they start giving away free stuff, they are gonna have a whole herd of peeps bothering them all the time which PROBABLY isnt their goal. Il have to ask them about the mods part Thanks Razorlike Hoping thats enough to satisfy till I find out more...
  10. A group of people on Runescape calling themselves the Order of Saradomin recently started gaining members. Its goal? - to "devote [their] Runescape time to helping other players," (-Order of Saradomin co-leader). They find players who need help or advice with anything and give it.
  11. A group of people on Runescape recently started gaining members. Its goal? - to "devote [their] Runescape time to helping other players," (-the group's co-leader). They find players who need help or advice with anything and give it. I found out about them when I needed help on a quest, and they were walking around saying they were giving help, so I asked and they led me though the quest. Although they are very helpful, they are also very weird. They all believe (and I really mean: believe) in the Runescape god Saradomin, and they walk around saying things like: "greetings, brother Asalonus, praise be to Saradomin, bringer of light unto our world" (im not making that up). They include people from all lvls, all of whom dress up in Saradomin Monk's Robes. Not only that, but their reason for helping: "helping others is decreed by Saradomin to bring light unto our world." Unfortunately, the only thing they dont do is give away free stuff. Its gonna be SO interesting following these peeps around in the future.
  12. Paid_Page1

    - Quick Money Making

    -FOR: All Runescape players (members and freeplayers) -REQUIREMENTS: 31 Prayer -REWARDS: 15k per inventory (each inventory takes about 10-15 minutes) -DIRECTIONS: Go to the Saradomin Monastery just west of Edgville Go to the upper level of the monastery (if you haven't been there before, you need to talk to the abbot) Enter the room with the beds and a table (the one right next to the Kharid Scorpion's favorite place to hangout) On the table, there are Monk's Robes - take them Keep on taking them (they re-appear around every 30 seconds) until you have a full inventory Sell them on the Grand Exchange - and ENJOY THE CASH! -NOTES: For more money, you can keep on repeating the process - every tim you have a full inventory, bank it at the Edgville bank It is best to do this process on a world with as few players as possible - other people do this and it is best if you dont have any competition. If there is somebody else already there when you arrive, simply switch worlds until you find an empty one
  13. Paid_Page1

    - Yay!

    ...and...WERE LIVE! YAY! This blog is now officially live and kicking! We will try to update this often - lotsa interesting thing lol
  14. Paid_Page1

    - For All Readers:


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