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  1. gazisere

    Validating account to start with

    Yeah I think I'm with you on that...
  2. gazisere

    November Santafish Monthly

    This was indeed a nice read - it's good to see that people still use this forum. Even though the numbers have dropped, the old times will be there forever.
  3. gazisere

    You're all still going?!

    I was on, but I wasn't active. I didn't have enough time to engage in long conversations or even see how old friends were doing, but now I do. *Just about anyway* Tubbeh <3 It's all good this end my friend, how are you doing? I remember you too. ;) At least you remember, that still counts! :P Thank you. :) A lot has happened since then... :) Work back as a civilian now, but I'm all good thank you! How are you doing? Hai. As previously stated on this post *twice*, I'm good thank you. :P How are you doing? -gazisere ^_^
  4. gazisere

    You're all still going?!

    Hai, how's it going? No, I haven't had a method or time! I am tempted to start again though... Is it worth it? The moderators have been like that since I can remember. :P Got to keep it up xD Not sure why I do it, I guess it has just become habit now. :o I know right? 6+ Years is a long time to still be talking to the same people on a forum... *Not a bad thing though* Thank you. :) We shall see how it goes, depending on how RuneScape is and how much activity this forum has these days. -gazisere ^_^
  5. gazisere

    You're all still going?!

    It's mad to come back on this forum and see lots of familiar people, whilst also being a lot of new people. :P I'm sure a few of you will remember me; I hope? :o How has it been going? -gazisere ^_^
  6. Have gained permission from Yuanrang to bump this topic, so please don't report. :) Not too bad... -gazisere ^_^
  7. I will continueing playing regardless, it kills time and it is good fun. :) -gazisere ^_^
  8. gazisere

    Community Improvements

    Another step towards the 2007Scape community being back is a bonus, and I hope to see more people coming back to the forum to use it. Nice work. :) -gazisere ^_^
  9. This is going to be fun, Castle Wars choob style. :) -gazisere ^_^
  10. gazisere

    MFI '07 - 60 slayer, 1.1K total

    You are racing through man, keep going! :) -gazisere ^_^
  11. gazisere

    2007Scape Subforum

    This. A forum marketplace is going to be more used in 2007scape for obvious reasons. -gazisere ^_^
  12. I also would like this if possible. This. This, would be awesome... I think it's better to start again. If they started from where we were, they would either have to reinstate rares or face an angry of horde of players who are complaining that all of their riches are gone. Moreover, seeing as the majority of people who want RS2007 are people who actually played back then, a lot of people would already be at least on the way to getting all the endgame materials already, if not already there. This way, people get to enjoy the game for what it is and have a fresh start, with everyone on equal footing. I understand the reason for doing it, it's just a shame having to start from scratch! Never the less, I have been having fun starting from the beginning with everyone. -gazisere ^_^
  13. gazisere

    RuneScape 2007 Quest Section

    It's a shame that it has taken so long for JaGeX to do this, let's just hope it's enough to bring the forums back to life! Never the less, good job Sal. :) -gazisere ^_^ EDIT: Any chance you have the old skill guides? :P
  14. Well, I'm back for a bit! I shall test my patience and see if I am willing to start from scratch, but I don't hold up much hope. It's a shame that we have to start again. :( -gazisere ^_^
  15. gazisere


    I done some Smithing for you! :D Finished Agility! Now finishing Thieving and it will only be 6 more left! :P I've been waiting for you to come online. :( -gazisere ^_^

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