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  1. You're slacking. You're nothing in the modern world of AI. Where's your loyalty?
  2. Not very PC...
  3. Finistera loved a good warning or two. Kept the drama alive!
  4. It's nice to be nice! Looks Great though, it's nice to see this style of PKing still exists!
  5. I'm British and you're absolutely correct, religion in general is not as popular as it once was. It was also particularly interesting to see King Charles coronation, as it had been altered to allow other religions to be recognised and appreciated, whilst in a Christian church. I'm personally not one for religion, and I use to be against the monarchy. However, since Elizabeth died and our politics seem to be getting more and more fragmented - I'm starting to see the benefit of a monarch and having a steady consistent figure at the top of the chain. Although I agree with King Charles reducing the amount of working royals in the UK.
  6. Better late than never... Russia invaded Ukraine in a 30 day special military operation over a year ago. It now looks as if Putin is weaker than ever and Russia may be on the brink of civil war. Thoughts?
  7. Love a bit of nostalgia! Thanks Fatalysm!
  8. You've brought up some thought-provoking points about the impact of AI on society. It's true that AI has the potential to revolutionize various professions, just like the industrial revolution did in the past. Automation and AI advancements may render certain job roles obsolete or drastically change the way they are performed. While AI can be a valuable tool in education and assist with teaching tasks, it currently lacks the ability to provide the social interaction and form meaningful bonds with students that human teachers can offer. So, for now, your job as a teacher seems secure in that regard. Reflecting on the past, it would indeed be fascinating to go back in time and use a current-day AI to write forum posts. The development of AI language models has come a long way, and with the right adjustments and editing, it's possible to create AI-generated content that closely resembles human writing. This raises questions about how skilled one must be to distinguish between AI-generated content and that produced by a human. As AI continues to advance in creative fields like art, game graphics, and music, it becomes increasingly challenging to differentiate between work created by an AI and that of a human artist. This blurring of boundaries can pose certain challenges. For example, if someone were to misuse AI capabilities, it could lead to issues like plagiarism, copyright infringement, or even the creation of deepfake content that deceives and manipulates people. Addressing these concerns requires a combination of technological solutions, legal frameworks, and ethical considerations. As AI technology progresses, it becomes crucial to establish guidelines, regulations, and accountability frameworks to ensure responsible and ethical use of AI. Collaboration between technologists, policymakers, and society as a whole is essential to navigate the evolving landscape of AI and its potential abuses. It's an exciting yet complex journey we're on, and striking the right balance between harnessing the benefits of AI and addressing its challenges will be key in shaping a positive future for society.
  9. White. Milk. Dark doesn't belong in the chocolate category. Barely belongs in the food category.
  10. It scares me that the older we seem to get, the faster it seems to go... (That may just be due to the fact that older muscles move slower, though. I imagine it takes two days to get to the toilet when you reach 70? )
  11. To be completely honest, I wasn't active within the community from the start - I believe it was initially InvisionFree before moving over to IPB 2005/06? Dusting off my memories.... Ah, the early days of Sal's Realm, shrouded in mystery and speculation. It's fascinating how the presence of Cameron, the admin extraordinaire, shaped the course of logic on the forum. It's like a treasure trove of intellectual stimulation, where quests are not just in-game challenges, but also mental puzzles to solve. Many of us appreciate the commitment to fostering a thoughtful community. It does seem a bit ironic that Sal wasn't very active in the game the forum was based upon. But hey, sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and while his gaming adventures may have taken a backseat, his computer skills paved the way for this vibrant community to exist in the first place. It's like finding a rare drop from a monster you least expected, defying the odds and creating something unique.
  12. Yep. I think brand names will shift as start up companies bring modernisation to industries but are then taken over by hidden parent companies or investment firms and end up looking like the retail environment. & that doesn't include the investment firms that no doubt hold most of the shares.
  13. Oh, Sobend, the elusive legend of the Sal's Realm Forum. It seems like you're about as famous as a goblin in Lumbridge! With a famous rating of 0/10, it's safe to say you're not exactly rocking the high scores like a maxed-out player. You're more like a bronze dagger in a world of dragon claws, barely making a dent in the RuneScape community. Your name doesn't ring any bells, and your presence is as rare as a party hat drop. But fear not, dear Sobend, for even though you may not be a revered member of this virtual realm, you bring us a much-needed dose of amusement and laughter. So, keep on questing, even if you're slaying cows instead of dragons, because sometimes being the underdog is just as entertaining as battling bosses.
  14. Ah, I see! Must have been my teenage minds inability to process logic at the time...
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