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  1. gazisere


    2022 is here! AI is here! That's pretty smart...
  2. gazisere

    Does anyone still play?

    I feel like a lot of people log in now and again just to check on their account and see how things look... Imagine if it was timed correctly and suddenly it was busy again, Sal's clan chat was full, the forums suddenly became active..... Ah, I can but dream! I love how everyone knows how much time and effort they have put into an account and just know that they never will be able to move on from that account... Free time is certainly more valuable as we all grow older!
  3. gazisere

    can i be extinguished member?

    I did like the negative reputation system - however, I guess I was too young to really consider any defined parameters, guidelines or even consider any nepotism that may have came into play! Yes, I think it should have been given out more often to be honest but still be quite restricted with promotions to DM. I believe it would have rewarded members and encouraged activity, although with the presence of social media now - I think it was only a matter of time before activity levels completely dropped.
  4. gazisere

    Yuanrang is admin

  5. Yes! How did a decade pass us by so rapidly? I'm good! I have two kids, a wife, a dog, a cat and a loverly home! Almost feels like I'm an adult. How are you doing?!
  6. gazisere

    Does anyone still play?

    Ugh, I know that feeling! So much hard work for nothing! Have you been doing anything specific on OSRS? Like PKing? Or is that even still a thing?
  7. gazisere

    Yuanrang is admin

    But sir, you be Mangaka! The one and only!! Forum Admins come and go... Jan is just overdue to expire. (Love using that emoji again!)
  8. gazisere

    can i be extinguished member?

    I remember being determined to get a Distinguished Member ranking on this forum, however I think my determination got in the way of my ability to actually be an active, creative and engaging member of the community. If I remember correctly, the first step was getting a "negative warning" from a Moderator.... A first step that I never managed to achieve! "Only those who do not seek power are qualified to hold it." - Plato
  9. This only applies to normal people... So, I see you have no issue?
  10. gazisere

    Has this been done?

    I think at this point, there is so many methods of getting around that it really isn't worth it. Lots of teleports or variations of a teleport that pretty much get you anywhere you need to be now!
  11. gazisere

    Does anyone still play?

    To be honest, I did give RS3 a go for a while but there is so much to learn again, it's like I have fallen too far behind. (Albeit that I did make the effort to achieve 99 Archeology & 99 Divination) Sounds like OSRS has gone very much the same way! Yep, completely with you there. It's a whole different ball game in the gaming scene these days! Far too easy to to jump into Warzone on PS5.
  12. gazisere

    The last person to post here wins

    Ah pffffffffft, you cannot steal the win with a YouTube video! Victory shall be mine!
  13. gazisere

    Queen Elizabeth II has died

    You are absolutely correct - 70 years in any role would be an absolute achievement. To be in the spotlight constantly for that amount of time is beyond comprehension. The people and sights she must have seen along the way must be phenomenal - and to take the monarchy from our old past and develop it in such a way to make it relevant to today's modern world whilst making it look easy... What an absolute mammoth of a task. I don't think people really did appreciate the consistency and stability that she provided until she had gone. As of course, many of us have never known it any other way.
  14. gazisere

    The last person to post here wins

    Ah, but prepared he was! With his knowledge and experience he knew that one post be the battle and he has returned to win the war!
  15. gazisere

    New DSZ Released

    It's doing well so far!

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