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  1. quack

    Missing My Mummy

    Rewards are alright Mummy looter things drop clues too.
  2. quack

    Mep2 As Hard As Everyone Says It Is?

    Personally, i didn't find it hard at all, just take a beast of burden and pray melee the whole time. Took me about an hour twenty with lower agility than you.
  3. quack

    The Chosen Commander

    Where do you get debug screen shots? No Idea. Just happened when I used the Crossbow right after the quest.
  4. quack

    The Chosen Commander

    Mace Stats
  5. quack

    The Chosen Commander

    Crossbow has a special which does extra damage.
  6. quack

    The Chosen Commander

  7. quack


    Sell the bars as you'll get much more money that way. If Your using p pots then wear fury/glory as they give a decent range bonus and wear a mixture of equipment with a high range attack bonus and high prayer bonus. If your going to use food then wear a pendant of armadyl so the aviansies don't auto attack you and wear your best ranging eqipment, preferably with a zammy book.
  8. quack

    Gilded Altar

    Do you use a saw when making a gilded altar (or any altar)? i need to know if i can use my crystal saw and evil daves stew together to make one.
  9. quack

    Cooking Guide Bank

    i think you have to of completed all of the varrock achievement diary.
  10. quack

    Maple Logs

    I thought maples had dropped in price so were nearer 50ea
  11. quack

    Easiest F2p 99?

    and he was probably typing when yours was posted so wouldn't see till he had replied. If you have plenty of money then i would guess that cooking would be the easiest 99 all though even that would take a while.
  12. quack

    Best Armor In Game?

    17-18-58-54939082 <-- quick find code for a handy guide on the official forums.
  13. quack

    Please Close

    redberries respawn south of varrock, just pick the bushes. For white berries either pick them in the elf lands or buy from the GE.
  14. quack

    Slayer Task

    guide on dag killing To change your task speak to the slayer master in Burthorpe.
  15. quack

    Best Armor In Game?

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/barrows.html#sets I think torags has the best defence.

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