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    Reported for plagiarism. Pretty sure this is a fake somebody else made. Enjoy rotting in Banville?, Adam?.
  2. can I order an NFT I want to do NFT things to it
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    New DSZ Released

    Your purpose is to end the scourge of Trolls forever by stoically submitting to the scythe.
  4. Then you shall be the next to be purged.
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    The Two Empires

    Phoenix, why don't you have control over Paris? You're just going to squat in Vichy France and leave it at that? You're losing your touch, man.
  6. Yeah, so college is pretty excellent. My last two months, in sound bite version: I went hiking in the Appalachians for two weeks with other freshmen who are entering Gordon. Some of them are already my new best friends. I'm in an Old Testament History, Theology and Literature class with Dr. Wilson, a world-famous Biblical scholar who was the most prominent translator for two books of the NIV Bible, the largest translation project in the history of the world. He's a friggin' genius, and his class is fantastic. Right now I'm at the top of the class of 124 students, although this rank is only based on a single grade so I don't expect it to stay this way. I'm taking Calculus I to fulfill my Natural World core thematic requirement. I'm considering a math minor, but I had my first exam today and didn't do particularly well. I knew most of the material, but had to rush through everything and didn't have time to answer two questions. Since you can't get much more basic than Calc I, I'm starting to wonder whether I'm equipped to get through 20 credits of collegiate math while maintaining the 3.5 my scholarship holds me to. I'm also taking The Great Conversation, a sort of blended English/philosophy course for honors students, and Intro to Language and Literature, which is required for all English majors. We all think the professor for Lang and Lit is a Marxist - borne out today by his lecture on Marxist criticism and his obsession with the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston movements - which makes the class much more interesting than I would otherwise expect. I'm writing for the student newspaper, the Tartan, which appointed me to serve as a "beat reporter" for the student government after I turned in my first article. (I can only assume that this is a promotion of sorts.) This is probably the perfect job for me, since it lets me combine my English and political science aptitudes whenever I set finger to keyboard. I also get paid $10 per article, which seems like a pittance these days, though it's definitely better than nothing. I'm working as a member of the Idiom staff, which is the more informal student literary magazine. This lets me critique literature every Thursday night, which is a convenient way to keep my writing skills sharp-ish. For an English major, I don't seem to be doing much writing these days, and I think it shows. Oh yeah, and I have a girlfriend. :o It's surprising how things happen sometimes. For years I was obsessed with Gaia or trying to get over her, and it was difficult to get past the enormity of my inability to be with the girl I liked so much. I'm don't think I'll ever lose my soft spot for her. But suddenly I came to college and sat next to a girl in calculus and... well, everything changed. We go on dates. I take her to dances (well, not anymore - we both acknowledged that we don't really like dancing with another person). We eat dinner together and do calc homework together. We talk. We listen. It's so strange. I still can't quite take it in. For future blogging reference (in case I continue to post here), I'll call her Irene (in honor of the hurricane, I guess). She's majoring in economics and classics and she's fantastic at Latin. She has a sister three years younger than her. She lives in New Hampshire. She's a Republican. She has long dark brown wavy hair and likes wearing long, colorful, super-decorative dresses. We both go to Idiom meetings. She loves Owl City even more than I do and doesn't think that I'm gay for liking Adam Young's music. We sing Owl City songs together in her dorm (or in mine, sometimes). She plans to become a professor of economics and/or classics. I don't know how doable this is, but we haven't discussed it that much. I don't want to worry her. She worries a lot. I find her worrying strangely comforting. I don't know how I feel about the relationship. I enjoy spending time with her and I like and respect her. I'm not attracted to her, and this makes me feel clumsy and somewhat dishonest. She initiated everything about the relationship except its "Facebook official" status, which I had the balls to suggest. (If a ring makes an engagement formal, Facebook seems to be its equivalent for a "mere" relationship.) Often I wonder whether I'm doing the right thing by pretending to be romantically enamored. Everything I do is out of admiration, respect, friendship or duty rather than love or lust. This can't be right. At the same time, I'm not going to dump her like a dirtbag just because I don't think she's a "smokin' hot babe." At the very least, we're both getting valuable experience about what to do and what not to do. And we certainly have a lot of the elements of a good match. My RA (resident advisor, the upperclassman who's in charge of my dorm) fancies himself a matchmaker, and he says that he thought we would be a good match before he even knew we were going to the ball together. He believes strongly that lying is a sin. I believe him. Still, I feel a bit lost. I took Irene to an Indian restaurant tonight, and after we'd gotten back and I'd dropped her off at the dorm and spent half an hour listening to Owl City with her before meeting her father, I couldn't stop thinking about how lost I was in the relationship, and how unready I am for the real world. This is college, the Twilight Zone. You can't win and you can't lose. I can't understand a world like this. Maybe Irene can.
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    You Are A Fish

    Itt you are a fish. Discuss the implications thereof.
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    I Like

    It's a good thing I got the link from the OTHER entry.
  9. Ugandan activists have been asking for increased international help with the LRA for years. It's about time this happened. I could care less about the US government's motivations for this move; the immediate goal being sought here is highly laudable. This is the sort of thing the US should be doing with its surplus military personnel if it truly wants to improve the world - engage in low-resource humanitarian operations around the planet where its help is already being requested.
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    That would actually be a really good job for you. I don't know why I never thought of that before.
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    College Life And Girlfriend

    Well, we cuddle a bit and stuff. Nothing serious, but I like it. But yeah, it's weird and probably not ideal. I probably wouldn't have initiated the relationship if it was entirely up to me. You should be on MSN more! (I should be too, but I see no call for scolding myself in public about it. :P) And thank you. Yeah, I worry about this more than anything else. The other night I think she wanted me to kiss her, and I didn't. I don't think she's the "flipping out" kind of girl, but I might be wrong. Either way, I really don't like the idea of making her upset, in a romantic context or otherwise.
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    What Is Your View On Death?

    Haha, no. Hee hee! People with different opinions and perspectives than me are sheep! And I see the need to point this out with no provocation whatsoever! The debate about the relative value of the printing press and the value of science overall seems quite unimportant. Of course without the sharing of ideas, scientific progress from the 1450s onward would have been crippled, and of course science itself is invaluable to humanity. Both of those statements are practically unassailable. I'm not sure what they have to do with the topic at hand, though. When it comes to my views on death, as most of you guys know, I believe in God and I believe in the eternal souls that He has given all of us. The people who have come back from death and claimed to have seen heaven - there is no empirical evidence suggesting either that they were correct or that they were mistaken. My take on the matter is that it would be difficult for most of them to have been able to relate such extensive detail, especially detail that often differs radically from the stereotypical perceptions people often have about Heaven, without having experienced it in actuality. But I acknowledge that the human mind is complex and may be capable of more elaborate deceptions than we often expect. And people do, of course, consciously and deliberately lie. Nothing is definitive when faith and science collide. I find that logic, rather than science, is the best way to approach faith-related subjects on the intellectual level, a subtle but important distinction from a science-based approach. With science few things can be taken for granted (the bare minimums, such as "I think therefore I am" and "the universal is not playing practical jokes on me today"); with faith more things must be taken for granted. But logic can be applied to all intellectual spheres of life. I do not fear death. I fear dying a bit, I must confess; I regard the idea of being robbed of all my future years and causing my friends and family endless anguish with all the distaste that is reasonable. But like the apostle Paul, although I always attempt to live life full-bloodedly, to "run the race with joy," I also look forward to what lies at the end: perfection. I like to think that when I'm lying on my deathbed, the hope will be stronger than the fear. But in the meantime, I live for hope.
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    Iran Agents 'planned Us Terror Attacks'

    I read an interesting theory on CNN - that the factions opposed to Ahmadinejad (like Khamenei) deliberately set this plot in motion so as to further undermine the Iranian president's legitimacy and world standing. Stupid, cynical move, but Iran apparently did a very similar thing 20 years ago when a "reformer" president was in office. Or possibly Iran just didn't think it would be implicated in the plot. Or maybe this is a conspiracy by the US government or a simple mistake on its behalf. Usually I think conspiracy theories are rubbish, but this is one of the times when they might actually be plausible. The plot does seem a bit far-fetched and "convenient" (at least convenient to some people).
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    Dear Americans

    I'm pretty sure that British weather is too inhumane for the Netherlands to subject its prisoners to. Prisoners have rights too don'tchaknow.
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    Sals Doesnt Exist!

    hi i am play runescape and what is this travesty of a thread
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    Wedding Gifts

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    Yeah, sounds like you made the right call, broski. ;) Honestly in the long run there's really no downside to breaking up with a cheater.
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    Yes Tabt (and Jethraw)

    When is the wedding being held? :o
  19. Some of my classmates went to this protest (the Boston one, I mean). They left before the police started arresting people, though, because they had class in the evening. I probably would have gone if I didn't have earlier classes and an exam to study for. :( It sounded amazing though. Apparently there were several thousand people there, and that was only in the early afternoon. I can only imagine how large the crowd must have gotten by evening.
  20. Time to leak all the penis pictures Emanick sent me... Those were totally not for public dissemination. :(
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    MFI 4 Admin

    chillin' in the airport with whiskas. HE IS AWESOME AND ENGLISH
  22. Emanick

    East Coast Earthquake

    People apparently felt it in northern Massachusetts, where I am. I didn't, though. Pretty cool either way.
  23. Ohmygod I think he's implying that he's going to start making more episodes!!!! :D:D:D: Lies. ALL LIES. :( The truth must be kept secret. None must know what lies ahead. i know the future dsz is round the bend have courage, my sons
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    A Farewell

    There comes a time in everyone's life when he or she has to move on from something loved, something cherished, not because the thing loved has become rotten but simply because it's best to let go. It becomes too much of a burden to bear with that precious thing, and as a result, one has to let it drop. I've come to this point with Sal's. For over five years I've been a part of this forum. I joined to advertise my RuneScape fansite (which I proceeded to do in a fashion laughably against the rules) at age twelve, and somehow, I got hooked. Throughout the end of seventh grade and the course of eighth grade I grew increasingly fond of the vast and growing community I found here. I used it to escape from the real world, to vent about my adolescent anxieties ... and I also used it for its intended purpose, of course, to follow the news about RuneScape, discuss the game and trade items in the Marketplace. I wandered in and out of the Debate Room, naive but principled, dedicated to my beliefs but hopelessly hypersensitive. I never lasted long. :D Things have changed somewhat. Now when I quit debates, it's either because I ran into a busy week and didn't have time to finish the argument I started, or because I win. :P The former has happened more and more recently, though. I'm beginning to realize that one cannot forever be divided between the online world and the real one beyond it - well, not unless one has halfway decent time management skills. I don't. And I'm off to Gordon College in four hours. I want to thank the community here for doing so much for me, personally, before I go. Ironically, more than almost anything else, Sal's helped me learn how to survive - thrive, really - in the real world. I have Asperger's Syndrome; understanding other people can be difficult for me. Sal's made it less so. I didn't use to have the social confidence that I do now, and I didn't use to have the little wisdom I've picked up here, either. Besides being the best site for news on the Internet and having one of the most... interesting... debate rooms, Sal's has an amazing array of people whom it's impossible not to grow to love - in a weird enough way at times - after spending years around them. By spending so much time here, I've grown to understand the real world so much better - which would never have happened if I hadn't gotten so much positive affirmation here. I was promoted to DMship at age fifteen and, at a very difficult time, I was given a promotion to Forum Mod during my seventeenth summer. Ranks meant a lot more to me back then. You always hear about people becoming social losers because they spend so much time online, but honestly, I'm sure I would never have been voted Most Outgoing by my senior class if I'd never belonged to Sal's. You guys taught me how to grow up. I owe you one, bros. There have been rough times here, I'm not going to lie. At times I've wanted to quit, for sheer dislike of somebody or for shame at having been stupid about something, and my feelings towards this place haven't always been positive. Other times the community has momentarily become terribly boring to me, especially since I quit RuneScape just after Christmas 2009. But I've always gotten over these feelings, because people here have always drawn me back. And now I'm leaving because I should - because my school demands that I maintain a 3.5 to keep my scholarship, and it's important to me to both keep an active social life and practice my writing skills so that I can have a chance to publish a book someday, as I've always wanted to. Doing these things without online distractions is hard enough. Doing them well while having both online distractions and online responsibilities is more than I can handle. The best thing to do is just quit. I don't intend to vanish from the forum without a trace and never return - that would be overly dramatic and fairly unnecessary. (I saved all the drama for this topic. :( ) Instead, I plan to visit periodically, ideally with a frequency that slowly shrinks over time, and leave contact info so that people on here who want to stay in touch can talk to me. (The new site is launching very soon; I certainly don't want to avoid seeing what that's like, and I'm sorry to be missing its opening day.) Those whom I don't have the contact info of - yet - can contact me on MSN at [email protected] (not my name or my email address, though still rather personal - but as my planned career rests heavily on publicity, I'm not big on internet anonymity). I also have a Skype and Facebook that I may add you on through MSN if I decide that I know you well enough. (Sorry, bots, I still have some standards.) I'm not going to make a huge "goodbye, and special thanks to _______" list, partly because I don't have time, partly because there are simply too many of you to list and to do you all justice, and partly because I don't want to offend anyone if I forget them or leave them off. I will say, however, that I still love you, cheimcal romance zezmia666... and Donovan, deleting my account was the best prank you ever played. :D If you had an impact on me and I care about you especially, then the odds are that you know it. So long, and thanks for all the fish. God bless you all.
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    A Lack Of Closure

    Since this is my last week on Sals (I effectively leave for college at 8am Sunday), I want to bring some closure to a few things. One of them is the DM+ Mafia game, the storyline of which I plan to post in the Story Mat (staff permission permitting, of course. (Personal closure won't be happening, hopefully, as I'll be pretty liberal with leaving contact details. When your hoped-for future career depends upon publicity, Internet anonymity seems a little less important.) Others, a little more universal, I plan to address in my leaving topic, which should be up at some point fairly soon. That leaves, of course, the real-life threads that this blog deals with. I hope to have time to talk about Gordon College soon. Right now, though, I'm going to talk about Gaia a little bit. (Some of you may remember that she's the girl who I made blogs entries about for, like, nearly two years. My apologies.) Since I doubt many people remember the intricacies of my personal life from years past- briefly, Gaia is a girl who used to go to my youth group and who is now going into her sophomore year at Gordon. I had a massive crush on her for about eight months; two months in I was convinced that, contrary to my previous resolution, it WAS worth it to ever bother getting into a relationship rather than remaining single forever. Then she told me, eight months in, that she didn't like me in that sense. I was devastated, and took months to get over the fact. I was almost reluctant to go to Gordon because she was going there. There are really a lot of remarkable things about her and about myself, and also about our "relationship." (I hesitate to call it such, but there isn't a better word.) To explain this properly, I think I have to talk about myself for a bit. Although girls seem to be drawn to me in many ways - I think I look pretty good, I'm funny and outgoing and I'm also pretty trustworthy and nice, for what it's worth, I only seem to attract girls that I have no interest in, and I can't handle flirting. It just seems strange. Maybe it's my autistic tendencies speaking, but I really don't like meaningless small talk that has only one purpose, a purpose entirely contrary to what's actually being said. I mean, I've found myself flirting with girls that I like - or something like it, anyway - and it seems to work fairly well, but I don't have any urge to move directly beyond flirting into a relationship. I do, however, want a deep, meaningful and loving relationship with somebody very badly - and I'm capable of that, I'm pretty sure. The problem is that I think in order for one of my relationships to succeed, it has to start from something meaningful and work its way out - not start from something shallow and overtly sexual and work its way in. I have the same urges other guys have in terms of "endgame," obviously, and the same need for a partner to share life with. I just don't have the desire for the stupid stuff in between - the flirting and the playing games and other bull. I want to skip all of that without just going straight in for sex or whatever. This is hard. From what I understand, feeling this way about relationships used to be more common, but cultural values changed, for better or worse, and now I'm stuck with being the way I am, which is annoying but hopefully worth it. (The people who know me best think that there's virtually no chance of me ever getting divorced.) Anyway, this is where Gaia comes in. I figured out in retrospect that the reason why I stayed so fascinated by her, even when I realized that "wow, she's good-looking, but there are other fish in the sea, d'oh," is because I felt as if I had a connection with her that was deeper than I've had with almost anybody else. I don't mean that I knew her better than almost anybody else, I'm not that naive. But there aren't many honest people who are willing to open up and talk about things that are difficult to talk about - like life, the universe, God - and she's one of those people. Her thoughts are strikingly similar to mine, but in root, not in development. We swapped philosophical poetry and essays for a few months last spring - while I still obviously liked her way too much - and while we weren't too comfortable around each other in person (she's never been in a relationship either, I think, and honestly is pretty similar to me in some ways, social-wise), we really talked up a storm on Facebook. It was annoying, though, because usually when I did wind up spending much time with her in real life, I ended up just making her feel uncomfortable. I couldn't tell if it was entirely my fault or not. I worried about it for a long time, even though she liked over a third of my numerous FB statuses for several months. We're almost back to normal now, socially, after her being off at college for a year. Last week she asked me if I could drive her up to SoulFest, a Christian music festival in New Hampshire, which is about 2.5 hours from where we live. (She contacted me on Facebook while I was on a page containing nothing but my status, on my Safari browser, and because my status began with "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH," the title of the browser flashed from "Gaia messaged you" to "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH" every couple of seconds. :) I thought it was pretty funny.) Obviously I'm taking her, since I'm planning to go anyway, so it should be a fun ride up. After she got off Facebook, I had a long think about where I stood with feelings. I realized that I would definitely take her out if I knew she was interested... but at the same time, I realized that I would take any girl I liked out if I knew she was interested. I feel inexperienced enough that just the experience would in itself be worth it, at this point. I feel badly behind the curve. I also realized that I would be less eager to take Gaia out than another girl whom I felt equally attracted to, because I care more about her friendship. That was important. I know where I am now. I know that I'll always have a soft spot for Gaia, but I wouldn't call it a crush anymore. That said, I really long for that deep connection with another human being, that intimacy of mind which could patch all of the ragged holes that my character has. I care more about that than the physical nature of relationships. Is that unusual? I don't really know. I would guess not, but the conversations I have with my friends seem to indicate otherwise. Most of them seem way more interested in sex than anything else. I don't know whether I'm mature beyond my years or a hopelessly naive adolescent. Very possibly both. I wish I'd met somebody besides Gaia whom I felt such a strong connection to. Even though I don't have a crush on her anymore, I think about her in that crush "slot" all the time, just because I have nobody else to think about. There are seven billion people in the world; finding somebody else I like shouldn't be so friggin' hard. Ah well. I guess that's partly what college is for. So much for closure.

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