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  1. I was wondering what would be a good start for an obby maul. I am going to stay 1 att/pray most likely mos def 1 att. So how much cash would I need to get the sTats you'd suggest for a start. Also how much is a bneck? Since I don't have a PC right now, I don't know the prices in 07. I would like to know the price for 3 sets of armour for pking not including a Bneck obviously. Thanks for any help!
  2. CaptnCanada

    99 Strength

    congratulations!...99 str is fun =D
  3. CaptnCanada


    I am back, fresh from my 9 month suspension...7 warns = 9 month ban? I lol'd, but I digress... you guys probably don't even know who I am...so yeah...
  4. CaptnCanada

    I Lol'd

    yeah....i'm more then sure tits isn't offensive enough to be in a spoiler =/ and woot.....ive joined the 1k posts club xD
  5. CaptnCanada

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    CaptnCanada to train my sad herblore level if this is a double entry ignore it...i can't remember if I've entered this week, but i can't find a post for this week...
  6. CaptnCanada

    I Lol'd

    sitting at ge flipping is fun...
  7. CaptnCanada

    What Skill Takes The Most Time And Money

    I barely understand what you're asking. Maybe you should clarify it a bit?. nvm...out of that list...i'd say summoning would be the most time consuming/money consuming 99...of course thats collectingthe charms from square one...
  8. CaptnCanada

    Wilderness Luring And Free Trade Scams

    going by most of the responses to this thread...i'd say you are all botting phishers...What is the difference between scamming someone, phishing someones acc then cleaning it and botting 24/7? not much, but it's your morals that stop you...so when you say "it's a game, there are no morals" then go ahead, start botting! oh and I don't take rs very seriously, i know it's a game...but I'd be pretty mad if I was scammed/lured for my money...of course common sense will stop that...i've had many people try to do the ss scam on me or lure me...I've actually made a lot of money from lurers....demand half the money/items now, then half when you get to wildy...once they give you the first half, leave...
  9. CaptnCanada

    Will Jagex Call Rwt On This?

    *deleted* Please do not encourage others to break the multi accounting rules, as stated by Jagex "Effective date: 12th May 2009You may create more than one account, but if you do, you may not log in more than one account at any time, and they must not interact with each other in any way. This includes 'drop trading' or any other method of item transfer. " ~Morte If he is a botter/known gold farmer...then when that account gets banned, you will most likely be taken down as well...they will probably review the gold farmers trade history and ban everyone he is giving mils to.... but a friend on your friends list for a while that is quitting...nah i don't think so...
  10. CaptnCanada

    Long-term Rs Plans.....halp

    get a d defender -_- then compare it to the tz shield
  11. CaptnCanada

    Click Here!

    I had some fun on there...until my daughter and gf came in and took over the pc..lol
  12. CaptnCanada


    goddamn!!! awesome man...good job
  13. CaptnCanada


    then enjoy your win =D
  14. CaptnCanada

    Desert Island

    Why not just take Megan Fox? from experience, I know the fantasy is ALWAYS better then the real thing. plus no one to annoy me =]
  15. CaptnCanada


    i'd say report it to jagex....better safe then sorry imo...

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