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    I love animals, especially birds.<br /><br />I have a deathly fear of bees, to the point that I scream if I see them.<br /><br />I love to read. If motivated, I can read almost 100 pages per hour. <br /><br />My favorite of the classical Greek elements is Air, as you can see by my name, signature, and avatar.<br /><br />

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  1. Well. This place is... different, to say the least. I'd have to nominate Kittenblob. I remember she was always the sweetest person; never had anything mean to say, always had kind words.
  2. Tempest


    I did have that sinking feeling I was forgetting someone... I do recognize you! Barely, but I do...
  3. Tempest


    Ehhh, what can I say? High school got hard. that sounds good but ill still go by tempest Awww, you're no fun.
  4. Tempest


    So I got a message saying that it was my 6-year anniversary... Wowl. I haven't been back to this place in forever. How's it going? What's changed? Does anyone even remember me? Am I asking too many questions?
  5. Tempest


    Dude. Haven't written anything on this site in a whole freaking year. Soooo.... What happened in my Junior Year? -Joined theater backstage. Made props. Lost sooo much blood. Had soooo much fun. -Somehow managed to keep grades consistently high in the toughest year at my school -Met the most amazing people in my life. Good year. See you in about another year.
  6. Tempest

    What Do You Drive?

    A 1977 Volkswagen Campmobile. You all have permission to be jealous. Very, very jealous.
  7. Tempest

    Wisdom Teeth

    As you may have guessed from the title, I got my wisdom teeth removed today. It was an interesting experience. One moment I was having the IV inserted into my arm and talking with the nurses, the next I'm lying on a bed with a giant icepack strapped to my head and giant gauze tufts in the corners of my mouth. The rest of the day has been interesting. I was bleeding for about 6 hours, but thankfully it clotted. I also sounded like Elmer Fudd with Down's Syndrome during that entire time. I've regained feeling in my tongue, although my lower lip still feels nonexistent. I hope the feeling comes back to it soon. But, thankfully, the pain meds are good. I haven't gelt anythign more than mild discomfort the entire day. In other news, I a officially a Junior. I had my final (and only) exam on Thursday. Now I just need to do my summer reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray and A Judgement in Stone for English; Radicalism of the American Revolution for AP US History (along with 30 essay questions and a 60-page packet); and roughly nine chapters in the Biology textbook for AP Biology.
  8. Tempest

    I Just Went For My First Drive

    And it was awesome. "In what?" you may be asking. In this beauty. OHHHHH YEAAAAAAHHHH. It's pretty hard to drive a clutch, but I've at least gotten used to changing gears. Driving it was awesome, though. Best first car ever.
  9. Tempest

    May Is Going To Be Awesome

    First off, my niece (Stella Madeline) has been born, so I get to go and visit her on occasion. I am also only going to have to take one of my exams at the end of this quarter in school, due to the fact I'll probably be exempt for most of them. I turn 16 on the 28th, so I can get my driver's license sometime within the next few months. Plus, I'm probably going to get my wisdom teeth taken out near the end of the month, meaning I get to spend 2-3 days eating nothing but ice cream, jello, and milkshakes, while high as hell(Sure, excessive bleeding may mar the happiness a bit, but sacrifices must be made). In short, I LOVE MAY.
  10. Tempest

    It's Freakin' Hot

    Seriously, the temperature went up 50-60 degrees in two days. Well, that's Cincinnati weather for ya. Well, good news from school. I'm going to be in AP Biology and AP US History next year. Y tambien, yo seré en Español AP la proxima año. Yo había esperado que yo no tendría que tocarlo, pero, ¿qué puedes hacer? Esperamente, será facil. Have fun translating that. Hope I didn't make any stupid grammatical errors.
  11. Tempest

    A Quick One

    I haven't been on in months. Geez. Things that have happened since then: My oldest sister is now 8 months pregnant. Her baby shower is going on right now. I have been holed up in my room, suddenly feeling very conscious that I am the only guy in a house full of 20 girls. I got some food, though, and am currently holed up again. See y'all later. And by later, I mean: "sometime in the next year or so."
  12. Tempest

    This Was Not A Good Idea

    You know what's a really bad idea? Starting to read The Stand the day you begin developing flu symptoms. Yeesh. Anyway, Labor Day weekend has been fun. The WEBN fireworks have started, and I can hear them 15 miles away. :D I've been going to festivals all weekend. This has been great. And I have a day off school tomorrow. Yay!
  13. Tempest


    Who's going to the Metallica concert September 15th? ME, THAT'S WHO! The seats are absolutely amazing, and I'm going with my dad. Should be pretty fun.
  14. Tempest

    Jonas Brothers Vs Dr. Doom

    Equally bad then marvel will go down like Stephen King. I can deal with your Kingdom Hearts bashing. But don't you EVER be hatin' on the King. Personally, I would love to see Hannah Montana singing Iron Man, if only to see the legions of Black Sabbath fans, pouring in from every nation of the world, holding aloft the banners of metal, chanting dark and mysterious words, overtaking all,- I may be kicking a dead horse. In my opinion, this is not going to end well. Hopefully Disney will allow the Marvel writers to keep the comics as they are. And if not, well... at least we still have DC Comics.
  15. Tempest

    Don't Fall Off!

    Nicole Aquil-??? Nicole caught the tossed cloak deftly in her left hand. She held it there for a moment, marveling at how light-weight it was despite its size. She also noticed that it seemed to be quite sturdy. Deciding that she had marveled at the cloak long enough, she flipped it over her head and quickly tied a knot around her neck using the strings. The cloak billowed out behind her, finally coming to rest and only moving very slightly. She walked towards the weapons rack that Aliath ahd indicated, and the cloak flowed behind her impressively. Coming to a stop about a foot away from the rack, she gazed intently at her selections. There were swords of many makes and shapes, containing scimitars, long swords, katanas, claymores, and others. Can't use these. Too big and cumbersome while flying. Next Next were daggers. There were the traditional type, then there were throwing knives, and lastly, sais. Already have those. No thanks. Next thoere were bows and crossbows, and various other weapons. Finally, at the end of the rack, she came to what she wanted. It was a small staff, about 4 feet in length. It was amde of a black metal, which shone slightly in the light. Its ends were capped in golden metal, and this shone more brightly than the black. Out of one end of it protruded a blade. It looked like it was from the end of a traditional European sword, and extended 2 feet out of the staff, making the total length 6 feet. Well, I'm 6'5... This looks like it will work well. I can use two hands to hold it while flying, it looks steady, and I can have it on my back while I fly. Plus, getting hit with very hard metal at high speeds tends to make people slightly loopy. I'll take it. Nicole lifted the staff off of the rack and twirled it a few times, taking care to avoid her feet with the blade. She noted that while it did have some weight to it, it was good weight, and wouldn't bother her. She turned back to Aliath and grinned. "Now what?" Meaghan Aluna-Bandora The door was opened onto chaos. Meaghan gasped involuntarily as she was led out the door by one of the prison guards of Bandora. People ran to and fro. Buildings were on fire, and even more were being set ablaze as she watched. Odd, bug-like creatures ran among the fleeing crowds, striking down many a man, woman, and child. Winged lizards snaked through the sky, and appeared to be carrying even more of the bugs. Meaghan looked on in horror as one of these flying lizards flew past a tall building and slammed its front paws into it. Bricks and mortar plummeted towards the ground. A few people noticed these and dove for cover, but most did not and were struck down by the missles. The invasion of Bandora by the Kilit was well underway. And the Kilit were winning. The prison guard who had led Meaghan out looked at this spectacle with horror. He looked between her, the crowd, and the door, and soon made his decision. "See ya." The guard let go of Meaghan's hand, turned away, and ran back into the prison. Presumably to hole himself up in a cell, grab his knees, and mutter to himself. Or wish for his mother. One of the two. Meaghan growled. She had been told that all the prisoners were being released so that they could help fight off the invasion. Glancing down at her legs, she ranted in her head. Of course. They even have to bring out the cripples. And then he just LEAVES me here! That guy must have quite the pair on him, knowing what I am... Snorting in disgust, Meaghan attempted to take a step, but instead fell straight to the ground. She yelped in surprise, then yelled aloud in frustration and pain as her shoulder slammed into the ground. "DAMN IT!" She writhed for a moment, then took a few deep breaths. Calm down, girl. You'll be fine. Just need to tran- She looked up. A Kilit stood abover her. Meaghan's face slowly began to turn white. The massive insect was drooling, and a glob of its drool landed on her face. Its mandibles opened and closed in excitement, and a faint squealing sound could be heard issuing from its mouth. Its eyes gleamed madly as it lowered its head toward Nicole. Oh god. Oh god, oh god. Gotta change. Gotta change. Gotta- The Kilit suddenly backed away in shock. Its prey was turning into somehting different. Meaghan curled herself up into a ball as she transformed, and the Kilit backed away even more. She was growing fur at a very rapid rate. Her fur was brown in color, just like her hair. As the transformation progressed, she began to stand up on her legs, which were expanding at an alarming rate. Her toenails lengthened into claws and the rest of her feet turned into paws. The same happened to her hands. Her nose and jaw shot forth from her body and became a snout. Her teeth sharpened to razor points. Her eyes changed to the color of the night sky and were infused with a feral gleam. Her ears drew farther back on her head and also grew fur. As her body expanded, her clothes began to rip and soon fell away from her new body. The entire process only took a few seconds, and before the Kilit knew what was happening, its ears were assaulted with a high-pitched howl. The newly formed werewolf jumped at him and the Kilit knew no more.

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