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  1. Impy

    Official Wow Thread

    I think that mod is TitanPanel
  2. Impy

    Official Wow Thread

    540g for the riding. And you buy it wherever the troll's get their mount. And it's worth it if you don't really want to fork out 90 extra gold. It was my understanding that the riding skills are now universal, ex. Tauren training would work with a undead mount.
  3. Impy

    Official Wow Thread

    I never left! I dont have too much time to post XD Our guild is hoping to start raiding 70 content in a week, so I haven't had much time to post
  4. Impy

    Official Wow Thread

    *sigh* I had forgotten the pain of leveling my warrior to 60... I'm currently 64 and chugging... Must stay awake... Must run my 12 daily instance quota
  5. 3/10, I do not believe we are acquainted, monsieur. :P
  6. Just asking here are you muslim and do you think this video is offeciveI don't approve of it eitherThats the problem, they're not muslims, they are Hindi.
  7. Impy

    Official Wow Thread

    Teh Impeh is working on getting his 45 paladin to 60. :) But his druid is too interesting to put down! Must.... Get.... Priorities straight! :D Btw, grats on 60. :D
  8. Impy

    Official Wow Thread

    I was kind of thinking about all of us Slams WoW players have us a little party... Perhaps on my server? We all make level 1 gnomes, and form a guild relating to Slams. I'd foot the cost of the beer/guild/ and everything else
  9. Impy

    King Joe 999s Gallery

    Piggybank was right, no need to flame people because they're trying to make your things better. Also, no double posting or general spam that you have been posting. -Closed.
  10. Impy

    Official Wow Thread

    Grats on 60 Arcane! :P Who's ready for 2.0 next Tuesday!? Certainly not me...
  11. Impy

    67str Finally!

    Please post all random levels here, http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...pic=44&st=0.
  12. Impy

    Plutten's Rs Monster Log!

    yep Try to avoid one word posts please :P
  13. Impy

    Resident Evil Rp

    Not only is Yuan here, but I am... Consider this your first warning.
  14. Speaking of Mr. T.... Anyways, I see that you folks have apologized. I ask, though, that you please try not to resort to flaming.
  15. Impy

    Why Did I Eat Earlier?

    Please, no one word posting.

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