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    I am a big basketball player. Add me please Berdan9012. I am a computer and sports person. basketball and volleyball are my favorite.

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    pk al437
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  1. Berdan9012

    The Top Stupidest Noobs U Have Ever Seen

    theres so many! but i gotta say the funniest one that i can remember I will give you 500k for your dragon dagger we traded he put up 500gp and he was serious
  2. Berdan9012

    Dragon Longsword Or Dragon Scimitar

    Scimmi no competetion
  3. Berdan9012

    ~~berdan9012's Quest To Greatness!~~

    Thanks! and yeah i'm gonna make furhter goals sooon.
  4. Berdan9012

    ~~berdan9012's Quest To Greatness!~~

    ya thanks dude! and yeah i hpe to update it frequently i just leveled up somet hings today so ill post them up tomm. and ok Thanks :P
  5. Berdan9012

    Your Favorite Fast-food Restaurant

    KFC AND TACO BELL! by me, they have a place combined with those 2. so its awesome. i go every thurs with some frineds
  6. Berdan9012

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Wow looks great! good luck to 99! Wow looks great! good luck to 99!
  7. Berdan9012

    ~~berdan9012's Quest To Greatness!~~

    Thanks. and yeah i dont know how tthose got there. your number 1! did u add me to ur support list?
  8. Berdan9012

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    Hey, amazing skill log. can u check mine out? i know its not even close to as good as yours. i just signed up on sals about 20 days ago. thanks and nice skills
  9. Berdan9012

    When You Were A Noob....

    ahha, i remmeber the first day i started. my friend showed me the game. me and my brother started at the same time. he got a bronze med helm at lv 3. and i was so jealous. then this guy gave me full bronze and i thought it was amazing armour. my frist death was either at the zammy wine at the wild or to a level 2 man. lol. i became a member 3 different times. 06, 07, and this year
  10. Berdan9012

    ~~berdan9012's Quest To Greatness!~~

    no yeah i know, i was working on it and it got all messed up..and i had to get off so i saved it..ill work on it now
  11. I'd like to specially thank Mariodc and Godly. They're awesome! Contents: 1. About Me2. Goals 3. Acheivements 4. Supporters 5. Thanks About Me Hey, my name is Alex. I'm 15 years old and live in the USA. I'm love basketball and play it all the time. You could say I am just a computer and sports person. Not much more to say about me, so let's get into my RuneScape life! I've been playing RuneScape for about 4 years now. I will admit I was banned for 2 years, it was a mistake though, becuase I didn't do anything that would have gotten me banned! It's all alright now though, because I got back into playing RuneScape, sent an appeal, and got my account back! So I'm happy now! In this thread I will tell you all about my goals and achievements, as well as my Quest to Greatness! Enjoy. ;) Goals Achievements ~Woodcutting~ ~Defence~ ~Firemaking~ ~HitPoints~ ~Herblore~ ~Magic~ ~Fletching~ ~Cooking~ Supporters Godly Mariodc Die Hard Thankyou "Thanks for reading my skill log! this is only my first one. so its not that good but i'm gonna try to update it frequently and stay to date. Thank you.
  12. Berdan9012

    Skill Log Help

    yeah thanks. and ive been taking pictures of my recent levels and im gonna put goals and and hte pics of the level ups thanks
  13. Berdan9012

    Rate These Sigs!

    the first one is a 7/10 and the 2nd one is a 8/10 really good
  14. Berdan9012

    Sotw Signature

    I like it! amazing 9/10
  15. Berdan9012

    Skill Log Help

    I don't agree at all. Trying to make an engaging, fun to read Skill Log is harder than it seems, and especially with the likes of Don and Chris creating pretty amazing Logs (others too ;)) Just be yourself and enjoy the Log, if you aren't going to enjoy it I wouldn't suggest it. But by all means give it a go :P Most Logs conform to this sort of layout (not all, but alot of them do) Contents About Me Goals Skills (you write a little about each Skill, post a picture of your latest level in it) Supporters All of that is optional, you could just 'cut n paste' the bits that you would like to do. Good luck! ;) Thanks :lol: yeah ill do that. i dont have any supporters really but ill try to get some. and ive been taking pictures of my last levels i only have like 4. but thanks

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