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  1. Sir Launfal1

    This Look Funny To Anyone Else?

    There a way to delete this a topic?
  2. I realized my immaturity and edited it out.
  3. Hello Salmoneus Forum users! This is a small contest I have put together to find the most ridiculous outfit possible in runescape. Post a screenshot with the "equipment stats" screen in it so we can see the character and the items that are in the outfit. First outfit: He has no pants! Items: shorts, santa top, easter carrot, fishbowl helmet, diving apparatus, santa boots ;)
  4. Sir Launfal1

    Dragon Slayer

    Dude you're gunna get owned by the dragon. The safespot got removed, so I would suggest training a little bit. If your combat related levels are around 20-30, it doesn't take that long to level up. Do some training, and good luck! ;) Sir Launfal1
  5. Sir Launfal1

    Candi's 99 Hitpoints Party!

    Sounds cool. I'll try to make it. ;)
  6. Sir Launfal1

    (updated) The Mailbox

    Wow. This is awesome. You should suggest this or I will. PS If you have suggested it sorry ;)
  7. Sir Launfal1


    This hasn't been given a lot of thought, but you could make this idea better. Elaborate. Give them knives or something. Make a Random Event that the clowns drag you off and you have to work as an admittance clerk for the circus or something. Make another dimension that you could visit in rs...clown land. Maybe it could be a quest. Give it some more thought, I would like to see this idea happen when it gets better. I support btw Sir Launfal1 ;)

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