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  1. sk8terguy978

    Phisshhey Eat Da Cookies! Oh Noes!

    99 Cooking...Nice....Your other skills are nice too... Good luck....What are you gonna do with all the cooked lobbies?
  2. sk8terguy978

    ~courtneii's Sweet Log~

    im just wondering....where do you get all your money....I mean...not to say you suck cause you definitely don't...you don't have extremely high non combat skills? Keep on Swimming!..or fighting or whatever
  3. sk8terguy978

    ‡vinster271's Log To 99 Woodcutting!‡

    Good Luck Dude!!! I cant imagine getting a 99 skill...it would take so long
  4. sk8terguy978

    ~~sk8ters Comeback Log~~

    Yeahhh lvl 60 attack!!! Too bad im not a member Aw well on to the next goal....ill probably keep training strength and prayer on mossies
  5. sk8terguy978

    ~courtneii's Sweet Log~

    Wow nice job shilo village!!
  6. nice a few 99s in there too...LIke the vids keep it up!
  7. sk8terguy978

    ~courtneii's Sweet Log~

    hey I got your message but ive never seen you on? When are you on and what timezone?
  8. sk8terguy978

    ~ Baby Luigi's Beautiful Log ~ 93/95 Combat

    very nice very nice...Looking at your log makes me unhappy cos f2p sucks and members rock ;)
  9. sk8terguy978

    R I P Macki60 February 06 - March 08

    hey good luck man! Your a lot farther along than I am. Add me if you have the time...
  10. sk8terguy978

    [ Matt's Hawt F2p Log ] - Can You Feel The Heat?

    Wow!! Im f2p too right now but I was also members once...And I must say in members it is a lot easier to gain skills and get money. Youve really accomplished alot!!! I support
  11. sk8terguy978

    ~~sk8ters Comeback Log~~

    New Bank Pic Up!!!! Kinda tired right now but I might update my skill pic! Btw: Updated the whole look to the log! Hope its easier to find stuff now!
  12. sk8terguy978

    <> 2 Cool's F2p Log <> | Closed

    Good luck! Im doing f2p also and I find it a lot harder than p2p to make money....Im struggling just to get 200k for rune full
  13. sk8terguy978

    I'm Back :), Best Firecaper Peroid (soon, Support :) )

    Good luck dude....youve done a lot so far!!!
  14. sk8terguy978

    ~~sk8ters Comeback Log~~

    I guess that means that its impossible to make money in f2p....f2p sucks
  15. sk8terguy978

    ~>| Don's Old School Skill Log! |<~

    Good Luck! Slayers one of my favorite skills...Just keep going! ^_^

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