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  1. A Charizard

    And... We're Back! New Forums!

    Oooo this is so shiny, got to get used to it though.
  2. A Charizard

    Yo Sal's Realm Clan!

    Since my clan broke up ill probably join, free 2.1k levels
  3. A Charizard

    Hi Im Beret And I Am A Minecraft Addict

    Why haven't I talked to you in months? D:
  4. A Charizard

    I Really Want To Get A 99! :d

    So does the lair help with xp? How much did you play a day? If you pay decent attention its 230k exp on average, and roughly 3-4 hours a day.
  5. A Charizard

    I Really Want To Get A 99! :d

    Just saying with the addition of the jadinko lair fire making is more like 2 million gp total, with insane exp. Personally I got 83-92 in roughly 3-4 days.
  6. A Charizard

    Sal's Bonus Exp Weekend Comp

    Gratz Benno, on the bright side i gained roughly a million exp in agility and the rest in hunter.
  7. A Charizard

    Ice Barrage/blitz Training Gear

    If your willing to spend to the tokens, an arcane stream necklace will greatly boost your exp.
  8. A Charizard

    Sal's Bonus Exp Weekend Comp

    Since I will most likely do mining or agility I don't see myself winning but I'll give it a shot. A Charizard-RSN & Forum name
  9. A Charizard

    I Make Dubstep Songs For You

    I wanna be the very best...
  10. A Charizard

    Help Me Make A Choice

    Oktoberfest ends the first Sunday of October I believe, so he will miss it.
  11. A Charizard

    Help Me Make A Choice

    In my opinion I would go to Berlin mainly because I feel Berlin might be a new and different atmosphere for you, and is a place I wish to visit. On the other hand since you are proficient in Italian, Italy may make you feel more at home if that makes sense.
  12. A Charizard

    What Do You Lose If You Die In Wildy?

    Great place to train. What I suggest is you wear Rune legs, Body, and Kite. There are 4-5 skeletons there and they WILL attack you, but if you run around they usually get stuck on a rock or corpse so you should be fine. If you have the armor I listed then it will take them a while to eat away at your lifepoints. In fact, the Bone Yard hosts the most ingenius way to train prayer, provided you have the right levels. First, 43 prayer for Protect from Melee, and second you need 8500 Dungeoneering tokens to buy a Twisted Necklace. The Necklace revives a Prayer point for every bone buried, so you can walk around with Protect from Melee on for as long as you want - well, if you keep burying bones. I recommend some prayer gear if he's doing the Melee method, Otherwise he'll have to be very fast in rune with the bird necklace, I think it has a negative prayer bonus? It has a +9 prayer bonus.
  13. A Charizard

    East Coast Earthquake

    I was asleep then my sister woke me up and told me what happened.
  14. A Charizard

    Age Limit For Sal's

    If cursing was allowed this forum would end up having more trolls than normal, and if your mature you don't need to curse to express your feelings.
  15. A Charizard

    Herblore Double Xp

    It's not double it's bonus, because it starts at 2.7x exp and gradually goes down.

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