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  1. Islywn

    3 Guides Added!

    The guides are awesome, but the Mudskipper guide's first paragraph could have been written better, though. Also, the Gorilla guide's Rum Deal quest link under Requirements is missing the .html extension, and takes you to the index, not the guide. All awesome still though!
  2. Islywn

    More Mods!

    Red, We will have bigger problems than needing hoverounds by the time you're site admin....
  3. Islywn

    More Mods!

    That's what they all say once they're told about their perma-ban.... =P
  4. Islywn

    More Mods!

    Ladder? Please, sals has a silver staicase. When I become president I'm making it an escalator. What madness is this!!! Haven't you guys heard of the express elavator???? ;) Emanick wasn't a madmod already? I'm sure they'll all do a great job banning me anyways! :)
  5. Islywn

    Free Realms

    Ironic that you made this thread. MMG just talked down FreeRealms in a recent interview... My little brothers(ages 7 and 8) started playing today.
  6. Nm. Figured it out. Misinterpretation.
  7. Islywn

    Swiftkit Etc Etc

    If you think SwiftKit is unfair, then you would have to say Sal's in unfair, which in that case you shouldn't be here at all. Fair?
  8. Use the quote tool to quote someone. Like this: [quote]-Begin a quote.[/quote] -end a quote Also, please spell my name right. Spell it with me. Islywn. Anyways... Who said I'm human? ;)
  9. Islywn

    Forum Account Safety

    We're supposed to use a different password for everything? Woops.... ;) Time to change it.
  10. Maybe so, but they aren't in the Knowledge Base article, and I was going by Jagex's definition.
  11. Islywn

    Forgotten Kingdoms

    I voted other. The next city to be updated should be Prifddinas, or Tirannwn in general. Tirannwn hasn't seen an update since it was made, and people should be able to go into the fabulous city of Prifddinas. Spell Lletya right! Pronounced *Ch*let-uh-ah (the '*ch*' indicates a slight rolling of the sound at the base of the tongue, as if you were to attempt to clear your throat quietly and politely)
  12. Islywn

    Favourite Admin

    I would say who I voted for, but I like my head firmly attached to my neck thank you. ;) :lol:
  13. Islywn


    I'm a Catholic, and I'd define Satanism as someone who praises or prays to the devil, or Satan. Also, you can't blame people for distrusting Satanists can you? Satan wants everyone to die and rot without going to heaven and hates everyone...

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