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  1. Guitar Geek4

    Max Damage Per Second

    Hey all. Lately I've been upgrading all my equipment in order to slay and make money in the fastest ways possible. Just got soulsplit and traded in my drygore maces for longs. Now, I've heard rumors that overloads and extremes give +17 levels and then some more hidden levels, and turmoil gives 20 levels and then more hidden levels. If not, then they don't seem worth getting 95 prayer and 96 herblore for +4 levels compared to super pots and +2% compared to the leech curses. I of course understand turmoil gives 10% and overloads give +17, but I read somewhere there are other hidden calculations as well making them worth it.
  2. Guitar Geek4

    Poor graphics and speed

    I have a great gaming computer, with excellent network connection. But since the update yesterday I have been only able to play on min resolution in fixed mode and it's still laggy! I usually play resizeable hd with med settings, any ideas on how to fix this problem? I have updated java to the current version already. Thanks!
  3. Guitar Geek4

    Frost Dragons

    I'm thinking of coming back to Runescape, and I was wondering if frost dragons are still around 2M an hour? I have 99 mage and range, which is the most effective way of killing them? If you could send me to an up to date guide that would be great too.
  4. Guitar Geek4

    Armadyl Page 2

    Selling Armadyl Page 2 200k. That's a bit under market price, post on here or pm me in game "Tender Toes"
  5. Guitar Geek4

    Slayer Helm

    Is Slayer Helm worth it in EOC? I am thinking about just buying a Bandos helm for the defence unless the offensive bonuses of the slayer helm are totally worth it?
  6. Guitar Geek4

    Range/Mage Weapons

    I'm 99 range and mage, and I'm getting a master wand and either a crystal bow or a royal crossbow. Since EOC do you still need to own all other wands in order to use the master wand? And which is better overall, royal crossbow or crystal bow?
  7. Guitar Geek4

    First Chaotic

    Maul or chaotic rapier + DFS?
  8. Guitar Geek4

    Frost Dragons

    I just hit 85 dung and rapier is coming soon. I have some of the best gear possible what should be my setup and how much money per hour is it with a cannon nowadays?
  9. Guitar Geek4

    Slaying in EOC

    I honestly can't figure out the EOC. What should my action bar look like in order to slay the fastest as in which abilities
  10. Guitar Geek4

    Combat Tutorial

    Just finished the combat tutorial and survey, where do i claim the xp lamp??
  11. Guitar Geek4

    Instakill Dart

    After I've seen all the videos of people using their darts on nex and even without rare drops making millions, I regret making the decision of getting 4 of the remote deposit boxes :s. I still have all four of them, is there any way to REVERSE my choice and pick again or am I stuck with them? Please only answer if you're sure.
  12. Guitar Geek4

    Robbing banks

    I can haz troll?
  13. Guitar Geek4

    Chinning: Ape Toll vs Mummies

    Ape atoll= more experience. Mummies=making some money back. Look up a guide on chinning nechraels if you have 80 slayer you can profit with the ashes and other drops whilst still gaining solid experience an hour, all in the chaos tunnels.
  14. Guitar Geek4


    People are talking about dragon pures taking over and I have a feeling most zerkers will either max defence or go dragon/barrows pure. Don't make any choices yet wait until the update and see what the rest of the pure community does.
  15. Guitar Geek4

    GameStop Prepaid Cards

    It's like $22.99 or something. I bought a target one the other day they should be the same price.

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