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  1. 7/10 for avvy 9/10 for sig!
  2. Mephisto200

    F2p Vs. P2p (comedy)

    It an't done a hillarious story wright more!
  3. Mephisto200

    Forum Might Be Down For Awhile

    Good the forum has been lagging latley.
  4. Mephisto200

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    I think he's fanmous i saw him behind Dyanor bank he's the guy in the spiky helm i saw him talking with friends i also saw Divine god 3 times as F2P but i dident know he was famous.
  5. Mephisto200

    You Know You're Addicted To Rs If...

    You know your addicted to Runescape if u go to the bank and try to deposite and pizza.
  6. Mephisto200

    Enakhra's Lament

    Id love to do this im a Runescape historyian. Can someone explain who the 2 new gods reveled in it are the guide doesent help much.
  7. Mephisto200

    Stolen Guides Removed

    Shut up it clear no one else on that cast makes guides only like 3 but 2 arent banned.
  8. Mephisto200

    Stolen Guides Removed

    Oh whats the point of not telling them he's famous for making guides here and Cameron dident get introuble for telling me. Of course i wondered why he was banned. (Hint:Someone on the Adventures of the allied forces comic cast.
  9. Mephisto200

    Stolen Guides Removed

    By the god's never thought this person would so somthing like this......
  10. Mephisto200

    Guides + A Calculator

    What World and time is the party? And were?
  11. Mephisto200

    Spirits Of The Elid Quest

    Gj on guide and what odes Elindis' head suppose to be?

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