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  1. Ya and everyone looks at Linderman and he says 'Hey... even if you payed them it still counts!'... that movie was fricken hillarious like when in the corn field near the rave the fat kid and his friend meet Jason and the fat kids like 'What the? This is a rave man not a Haloween party!' and his friends like 'ya why dont you find a pig to fu*k'. Then he starts pokeing Jason and saying stuff then Jason grabs his head and twists it around in mid speech and the fat guys like 'omg...' then Jason calmly pushs the body over.

  2. Ya i love the movie... and i know you like it to so dont lie. ^_^ My favorite part is probably were Freeburg gets high in the asylum and the Freddy worm comes in and starts smokeing to. Then Freeburg follows him and all the sleeping people are talking to him and he says 'sorry i dont know were they have any sodas'.

  3. Dont bother talkign to her about this Co-Z... i tryed to convince her shes a gorgeous girl with alot of talents for two days and yet it hasnt made a diffrence...But yea Co-Z im dissapointed in you, what is this topic even accomplishing? Your complaing they dont accomplish anything and yet neither do you, your the one whineing about them basiclly.

  4. Well i have to agree with some stuff...especcialy on the subject of the Naruto Character. Hes a fricken retared...now as you put it 't3h d3m0n' and such things are pretty cool and such.But theres alot of anime that arn't like anything you have explained, take Naruto for example. When the episode is all about Naruto and his dreams to be the best its stupid and doesnt go anywere exept him winning (Which is WRONG he needs to DIE!) and if its NOT about him and about somthing else with the other less naive characters or the bad guy then its alot better and is fun to watch.


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