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  1. Lyrical

    Bot Hunterz

    New sals memb advertising a clan.. as much as i need a clan right now, i think i'll pass (;
  2. Could use a bit more.. stuff i suppose? Nice overall.
  3. Lyrical

    99 Prayer Outfit?

    Infinity boots! They look good with anything ;D Especially arma top/skirt.
  4. Nope. Oh :( well, like 10 computers are using this so .. :P thanks :D
  5. Lyrical

    Pking With Honour Or With Brains!?

    If im risking welf gear (rune, etc) i'd dm If its a high risk skulled fight, i'd run. Really depends on how much money you got for round two ;D
  6. Lyrical

    Chaotic Weapons (again)

    I have rapier and cls. personally im too lazy to boss and even slay for that matter. I prefer rapier overall as its accurate and hits fast, almost always hitting 200s, 300s, etc.
  7. Lyrical

    76 Mining

    Xp = 1337k You sir, are L33t.
  8. Lyrical

    P2p Luring

    Muted on Rs for three days cause i said "brb cutting myself" as in sarcasm. anywho, pm me on sals to discuss
  9. Lyrical

    Barrow's Armor Degrades, But?

    Ring of Life, bro.
  10. Lyrical

    Click Pl0x

    Haha, appreciated! :(
  11. Lyrical

    What Shoes Do You Have?

    I have a few vans and two pairs of my all time favs, suprass <3 http://www.suprashoeso.com/wp-content/uplo...60250601_84.jpg that and a similar one that has an oreo pattern :(
  12. Lyrical

    P2p Luring

    Im level 138 and 132, pm/msg ingame if you need my help anytime soon
  13. Lyrical

    Games Everyone Likes, But You Don't

    Minecraft ; played it once never making that mistake again.
  14. Lyrical

    Click Pl0x

    Thank you so much guys! Edit: Got to wait 15 Hours to see it now, gf me. No need to click anymore btw!

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