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  1. danny100333

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

    That guy looks scary!
  2. danny100333

    The Dumbest Apocolypse Ever?

    Heres one myspace breaks down and all the myspace freaks start going into panic and others go on a mass killing spree and others commit suicide. <-- all that will probably happen ifit actually brakes down lol (il be laughing).
  3. danny100333

    Vesta's Longsword

    D claws are f in beasts.
  4. danny100333

    Longest Times On Runescape

    Lol ya I whould say so too specially if you didn't get much done on the game.
  5. danny100333

    Whip - Record Price?

    Sweet that whould be usfull =P, too bad I suck at pking lol.
  6. danny100333

    Whip - Record Price?

    85 ;) Ya that was my first guess but I wasant to sure with it.
  7. danny100333

    Tea And Crumpet Hq

    Na you don't either, you two are just spamming away and being idiots.
  8. danny100333

    ~a History Of Bug Abuse~

    There was one a wile back when houses where made. It was when I was in a persons house in there dungeon with them. They had someone doing that spinning plate thingy, they said for me to hit the person spinning the plate. I hit the person then I automaticly was booted outa there house and then died out side of the POH for some reason loosing my items. I was severly pissed about it, has anyone had that glitch done to them?
  9. I actually have a question, wtf was that forum made for originally and who made it?
  10. danny100333

    Whip - Record Price?

    Hey now it gives people a reasone to get 80 slayer lol (its 80 right? forget)
  11. Well ya probably what happenes when you keep spamming like a r-tard long after it gets old.
  12. danny100333

    Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

    I bet the construction workers either ran outa concreate and still just put the bricks in or final destination happened like others said lol. Any way I give my gratitude to the family.
  13. danny100333

    Puppy Flushed Down Toilet

    I know im curious as to how a puppy can fit down a drain pipe? I know it's true because I saw it in the news also but it's weired.
  14. danny100333

    23 Years

    O great now video games are going to get the ban hammer on violence probably. That kid should have gotten life to show not to fudgein shoot someone. He probably shot her because she said "kid you have no life, go out and get some fudgeing fresh air".

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