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  1. Prashanna


    /me is confused since waterloo is a small town not far from here suerely without a university silly muricans stealing our town names again :P Late reply - but Waterloo (University of Waterloo) is in Ontario, Canada. It was established In the 19th century and named after the Battle.
  2. Prashanna


    looll i logged in after ages just to reply to this, you're hilarious University of Waterloo! and Winnipeg right now haha
  3. Long time no see

  4. Prashanna

    Are You Virgin

    OMG HI MASTER NEVERDEAD This poll made me laugh for like 10 mins then i asked myself why am i on sals forum
  5. Prashanna


    Go to one of those tall people clothing stores! http://www.jcrew.com/mens_special_sizes/tall.jsp
  6. Prashanna

    College Fraternities

    Try asking one of the guys what sort of fraternity each of them actually are.
  7. Prashanna

    Need New Hairstyle

    Don't get a faux hawk! That went out of style 5 years ago.
  8. Prashanna

    Omg Birthdays

    LOL I totally came online Sal's because of the "We would like to wish you a happy birthday...And if you haven't visited us in awhile, stop on by - we would love to have you back! We're still at http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/" automated email. Thanks for the wishes. Happy bday Arcane, Skull, Razorlike!!
  9. Prashanna

    Un-muted After Several Long Years!

    Congrats, but please go to school.
  10. Prashanna


    Same, I've been using $100 Sennheiser headphones and they've lasted I think 4 years with extremely great quality after tons of accidental abuse of dropping them, hitting them against surfaces, etc daily.
  11. Prashanna


    ^Exactly. You need to be extremely lucky to get paid. Plus, who said their work is easy? Recording one's CD, filming music videos, promoting on TV shows, doing concerts (which involves long haul flights), rehearsals, is enough to drive people to exhaustion. (Especially with lack of sleep) Don't bring farmers into this, I know of many multi-millionaire farmers in Ontario.
  12. Prashanna

    How Shy/outgoing Are You?

    Very outgoing... I even find myself talking to strangers a lot.
  13. Prashanna


    ooo nice good luck!!
  14. Prashanna

    Girl Help

    This attempted trolling is very... "been there done that."
  15. Prashanna

    My Life Is Over

    I haven't :) :) :)

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