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  1. Sonicx148

    New Protection

    Try re-installing Norton, that may solve this issue.
  2. Sonicx148

    Pc Is Kinda Laggy

    1. It's possible that your computer may have so many background programs running that there is not enough main memory to run your main programs. All icons in your computer's system tray are background programs using memory. To see and remove all running background programs: a. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same time. b. Click any program or task except Explorer or Systray, c. and then click End Task. Repeat steps b and c to quit all programs except Explorer and Systray which are necessary components of Microsoft Windows. You should now have a clean system. If you don't want any background programs starting when you boot, use the Start/Search function to find the program and either configure it not to run, remove it from Programs/Startup, or delete it from your system. 2. Your hard drive could be too full of data to function efficiently. There should be at least 2MB-3MBs (200,000 -300,000 bytes) of free space to allow for disk file chores. Note that this mostly applies to the C: drive or whatever drive your Window's cache is on. If your C: drive is too full, delete unused programs on the C: drive to make space. 3. Your computer could have a fragmented hard drive. This results from programs being loaded and deleted. Run the Window's hard drive defragmenter (Defrag) once a month. 4. If you have 64 MB of memory or less, or you like to play games, you may not have enough system memory to run your software efficiently. You should probably upgrade to 128MB or more of system memory. 5. You could have old or conflicting Windows device drivers. An example would be you might actually have two entirely different video drivers on your system and Windows could actually be alternately using both of them. To prevent this problem, First boot the computer in Safe Mode by pressing and holding the F8 key during startup, after the DOS memory check has completed. While in Safe Mode select Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Devices. Click on all the devices and see if the various drivers have any yellow or red exclamation marks (which indicates a driver conflict) and also determine if there are any duplicate drivers that can be eliminated. You may have to delete and reload a driver to correct these problems. Duplicate drivers can and should be deleted. 6. As each new Windows program is installed and uninstalled, it leaves behind parts of itself that can slow down or crash your computer. These are mostly .dlls and other shared files. It's also very possible when uninstalling a program that needed Windows system files can be deleted. When your computer asks if you want to uninstall shared files it's usually safest to say no -- even if your uninstall program claims the files are not being used. Old Windows drivers can be found by booting into Safe Mode, then opening Control Panel/System/Devices and ridding your system of old drivers. Another option is to use Noton Utlities' WinDoctor program to find and fix problems. Usually Norton Utilities can be downloaded for a free 30 trial at www.symantec.com. Otherwise, the only real answer to this problem is to reload Windows into a new directory which elimainates all old junk and leftover files. This is something to do last, as you will also have to reload all your Windows settings, drivers, and programs.
  3. Sonicx148


    How to change Favicon and make it aminate 1. make an favicon. You can use programs like "image to icon to converts" to get .ico images. Your favicons formate must be .con 2. make duplicate the favicon and save it as .gif in the same size. You can self chose to make the gif animation as you like. 3. Upload both of them at: www.yousite.com/forums/styleimages/ remember to rename them to: favicon.ico animated_favicon.gif and upload! 4. Admin CP -> Look and Feel -> Skin Manager -> Edit Board Header & Footer Wrapper. Find <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" > Add below <link rel="icon" href="animated_favicon1.gif" type="image/gif" > 5. Save Wrapper
  4. Sonicx148

    Tf Vs Blas

    It is a very close fight, seeing the ending options. I wish The Forgotten good luck in the future, and hopefully we will have some more battles.
  5. Sonicx148

    Clan Support

    Clan Support, why and what? ____________________________________ Atleast ΒΌ of the people that browse Runescape Salmoneus are in a clan, I'm sure they ask theirselfs why doesn't Runescape Salmoneus have a lot clan support. When having clan support on a forum there will be more activity on specific forums, and can discover more talents to be on the staff team to let this community grow even harder. Therefore I ask the Runescape Salmoneus Team to give more clan support, advertise clan support to clans and do what's best to attract more members to this community, I'm sure this community will gain more activity if clan support is given out. Trying won't harm this community, it will only gain experience by doing something that people actually want. Contact clan leaders and let them do a good word for you for this community, especially active top 20 clans; Devine Forces, Dark Slayers, Damage Incorporated, 'The' Clan, Runescape Dinasty, Lithuan Forces etcetara. ____________________________________ How can Runescape Salmoneus improve the clan support? - Attract more members from top clans like I mentioned. - Renew the clan discussion forum, give it more publicity and make it more attractive. - Keep the Clan Discussion forum cleaned by moderators, I have seen some things that aren't relative too clans or just advertising on the Clan Events & Discussion forum. There are more ways to improve the forum, if help needed then feel free to personal message me, staff members thank you for your time.
  6. Sonicx148

    Clan Central

    Well I've noticed that there isn't a rule " You must have a link back to our forums on your forums ", that rule will get us more members and more publicity. Enforce that and our registered users count will raise very fast. Mr_Z
  7. Sonicx148

    New Clan Database

    Or they could just make a top 50 list that is ranked and based on war and pking.
  8. Sonicx148

    Signature Help.

    You can easily resize it with MS Paint or just paint shop pro, find it out it isn't hard :)

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