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  1. Seeing them tomorrow (Whitey's seeing them today and tomorrow) if you haven't listened to them, DO IT NOW!!!!! :D
  2. Nice, I'll have to give it a listen once NBBMN is over (Nothing but black metal November :P)
  3. Pimp suit! And in the tradition of my uni, make myself dead looking with face paint (Everyone seems to go as dead something) :D
  4. In 13 days I'm seeing Lamb of God and In Flames, with Hatebreed and Sylosis. I'm excited for everyone but Hatebreed, I don't really like them. Here's some Sylosis: Then a couple weeks after that, I'm seeing Machine Head :D Dethklok is the headliner, and All That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder are opening. So November is going to be a great concert month for me. Also, here's a band that I just found out about. These guys are sick. I'm a fan of Sylosis, was gonna see them last year but missed out on the ticket sales (found out about the show too late) :( Also while on CD, TBDM are pretty average they put on incredible live show :D
  5. Oh. That wasn't really what we were going for, but we try to be about halfway to a huge indistinguishable wall of sound. That's cool then, what you're going for is more important than my personal taste :P
  6. :D I'll make it metal. If I bring my denim jacket full of black metal patches haha. THat will be metal, I'm thinking of being generic and wearing my LYSFLATH shirt :P We'll have faster pieces too, it just happens that this is one of the slower demo songs we're doing. I'm probably explaining this terribly :P but I meant have the wall of sound one continuous thing with no noticable note changes :D
  7. By sheer coincidence, we just finished a demo song and put it on our facebook page's "Band Profile" app: (I think it'll start playing as soon as you click) https://www.facebook.../app_2405167945 Pretty cool, my only advice would have the wall of sound stuff infront of the background melody more of a wall (less stop start) other than that, don't think I've got much to add :D
  8. Everyone seems to be posting hip-hop nowadays so I'll help with some underground stuff http://www.youtube com/watch?v=bB-vYuYhdSE ^Not so underground but probably the best political rapper (even more so than Immortal Technique :o) song starts at 0:50 Now for some collabs Jadiohead, Jay-Z rapping, Radiohead music http://www.youtube com/watch?v=P2fPmyH6Q6E Neutral Bling Hotel, every song of Neutral Milk Hotel's influental album "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" mixed with different hip-hop songs, even the Pitbull and Dougie ones are good :o http://www.youtube com/watch?v=n2zqHTd5ioc Enjoy everyone :D PS only allowed 2 media links so just link yourself to the other songs
  9. Great stuff, already liked on FB, and on last.fm I'm your top listener, apart from you of course :P
  10. Since I started Uni, I've kind of neglected this whole site, but I'm here! That's pretty cool, I remember listening to that Dunkelheit demo you made, got any other stuff? Not to burst your bubble but along with Darkthrone and Burzum they're one of the most famous black metal bands :P But yeah pretty extreme. If you want extreme though, you want the band Silencer, the lead singer, Nattramn, was admitted to a mental institute, and may have attacked a girl with an axe (There was only one swedish news story reporting it so doubtful whether or ot that's true) there was also rumour he cut off his hands and sewed on pigs feet in place, although that was just a picture of him holding the feet (still pretty weird) http://images2.wikia...er_Nattramn.jpg ^Nattramn (A fair bit of blood but no actual gore) Also anyone got any interesting shows coming up? I'm going to see Anaal Nathrakh, Winterfylleth and <c o d e> on the 30th of Novemer, also seeing GY!BE and meeting up with Whitey, but that's not metal :D
  11. I didn't like Hulk or Captain America and a fell asleep during Thor :) I preferred the first Iron Man so I've got to go for that
  12. But when you have a 500 strong force stationed in Rome ready to defeat him every turn he spawns he's not that tough :P
  13. So as title says, my first ever blog post. Picture is me and Whiskas in his room after he's beaten me twice at Rome Total War, but we did defeat a frenchman with the help of about 200 elephants :D
  14. Personally I've never liked AnCo, also some people are saying this is one of their worst? Thoughts? Also does anyone know anything very similar to Solar Fields, really enjoying it recently
  15. Really good band, while crust punk isn't technically metal, it basically is :P http://absolutist.bandcamp.com/
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