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  1. Pixely Joe is back, but this time as a mage! This is my second pixel. He looks better than he did in the first pixel! Rate #/10!
  2. Stellar Dawn


    looks so perfect :[] could be useful when needing to use circles ;)
  3. Hello, meet my pal! I call him Pixely Joe! This is only my first pixel so dont go hard on me please or post comments like "lol ur epic failure noob! 0/10". Rate #/10
  4. Stellar Dawn

    Dug Up Some Pixels

    Oh, thats nice! ;) i love it. Would like to see them all finished :lol:
  5. Stellar Dawn

    Guide To Bandos's Throne Room

    ya i like the guide also and hi salmoneus im new here ;)
  6. Stellar Dawn

    What?! 11-year Old Graduates From A College?!?!?!?

    Dude thats insane O_o when i looked at the name of the thread i thought i would see u say "hahaha jks everyone!" but i didnt wow O_o this is now my 30 post and i am now a forum member ;)
  7. Stellar Dawn

    Oh Well, Gallery Of Ol' Fakes!

    nice!! 10/10 the omgwtfbbq 1 made me lol X[)
  8. Stellar Dawn

    (updated) The Mailbox

    i usually dont rate ANYTHING this but 10/10! It looks like u spent sooo much time into this! i've heard the idea b4 but never actually seen some1 make an rs fake of it! ;) I wish it was really in the game tho :lol:
  9. Stellar Dawn

    Rate Me(be Gentle)

    0/10 for skills sorry none of the members stats r lvled ;) but ill give 9/10 for bank. nice bank for a week :lol:
  10. Stellar Dawn

    2 Cool Pictures :)

    this reminds me when i used to be a member on my account jesse1177 i saw 2 guys named jesse11777 and jesse7771 ;) small world, huh? 'o.O
  11. Stellar Dawn

    Old Skool

    He is lvl 3 still..from what I read somewhere sometime last year, it said that those ppl got 9hp because jagex raised the amount of exp needed to get a stat to lvl 10. I also read from somewhere else that in the past, ppl were punished for breaking rules by getting their stats lowered. I dont know if any of those 2 r true, but the second makes since because there is a guy with 1 combat. Who knows!
  12. Stellar Dawn

    Holiday Event Items

    i started rs on my account jesse1177 in august 2005 but quited at the end of august. came back in january 2006. so every holiday item from 2006-present but on the account i currently play, December 2007-present. ;)
  13. Stellar Dawn

    Rate My Lvl 3 Skiller

    Rly nice and decent for 1 day ;) Gl with ur skiller! :lol: 9/10
  14. Stellar Dawn

    Rainbow :d -seizure Warning-

    ITS OVER [email protected]@@ RAINBOW!
  15. Stellar Dawn

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Greenday - know your enemy

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