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  1. Nagger


    I go to the gym, usually every day. My workout regime is 2 days weightlifting (split into 3 days: pecs/back, biceps/triceps and legs) then 1 day of cardio (25 mins stationary bike and abs). My goals are mostly focused on muscle/strength gain.
  2. Nagger


    you should challenge him to a 1v1 deathmatch in the wilderness
  3. Nagger

    sal skype chet

    are your parents going to be sleeping like last time?
  4. Nagger

    Skill Competition 7 - Mining

    I am in it 2 win it
  5. Hi there, exams are coming up and I'm having a little bit of difficulty avoiding distractions on my computer. I'm wondering if there's a way to temporarily block/disable certain websites or programs temporarily? Thanks in advance!
  6. Nagger

    07 Quest Cape

    and if it weren't for those glitched goblin quests you'd have had it even sooner... Congratulations!
  7. Pretty sure you can get one from mort myre (the swamp in morytania). All you need to do is find a bluish looking snail, kill it and use a chisel on the shell it drops!
  8. Nagger

    Zogres and... Zammy page!

    Grats on the zam page, did you get anything good from those zogres?
  9. Nagger

    99 Prayer

    grats! what's next?
  10. Nagger

    Sellador - 92 hunter

    man, how do you stand all that hunting??? Grats on the level though, hopefully you can get hunt done before too many bots set in?
  11. Nagger

    swagga's somewhat art gallery.

    well, I just found them pretty awesome... I'm sure you could put your talents to lucrative purposes!
  12. Nagger

    swagga's somewhat art gallery.

    that's some cool stuff, esp the tyler the creator one! Do you do this just for fun?
  13. Nagger


    wow grats on the fire cape! Nice barrows loot too, I'd like to get started doing some runs too
  14. uhhh how is this "runescape" speedart? also I'd call it speed coloring :P

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