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  1. Kinyajuu

    How Did You Die Last?

    I took a tamohawk to the face
  2. Kinyajuu

    Should I Give It Back?

    Keep it. He obviously tried to scam you, except you won.
  3. Kinyajuu

    Speech Help

    Took Graham's advice and rewrote a new one. Was due today, so I can't change it. Anybody know some techniques to help memorize it?
  4. Kinyajuu

    Speech Help

    Yes I will. I read it and I noticed several more errors and corrected them. The speech has to be 5 minutes long too, and when I timed myself, I averaged around 3 minutes. I'll update this topic later after adding some more to it
  5. Kinyajuu

    Speech Help

    The topic is "If I were Leader of the Free World the first issue I would address would be..." The part that I need help with is 1. Where do I start a new paragraph? 2. Do I have any grammar mistakes? 3. What to name it?
  6. Kinyajuu

    Monkey Madness Help

    Get 2 more prayer levels for when you go through the underground tunnel to get to Zooknock, otherwise, chances are, you'll be ko'ed
  7. Kinyajuu

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    WindowsOf114 I'd have drop party for the clan I'm in
  8. Originally, because it had a fun community and it was easy to make friends and because all my irl friends played. Now all of thats gone so I quit.
  9. Kinyajuu

    Dont Know Where To Train Def Or Att?

    Bandits, rock crabs, train slayer, armoured zombies, and yaks are all good options for training
  10. Kinyajuu

    Annoying Scammers

    I see about 5 people "doubling money" on low populated worlds. 30+ people on the more populated worlds. I actually spent 12mil doubling peoples money yesterday though :D. feltgoodman.jpg
  11. Kinyajuu

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    Windowsof114 I'd probably hold trust games and give it out, so people would call me a scammer, then when I actually gave gp away they'd be like "lolwut"
  12. Kinyajuu

    True Or False?

    False. The next posters answer to my true or false will be truthfully false or falsely true
  13. Kinyajuu

    Defender Vs Obby Shield?

    Definitely go with a dragon defender
  14. Kinyajuu

    True Or False?

    False The next poster is climbin in yo windows statchin your people up
  15. Kinyajuu

    "i've Been Scammed!"

    Luring is actually not against the rules, unless they abuse some sort of bug Source

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