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  1. When I think of the best weapon in the game I think of whip, d scim, bgs, ags, zgs, sgs, ss, barrows, etc... What do Y O U think the best weapon in runescape is??? and be prepared to be critized by other players rofl. ;)
  2. Kevin Mich93

    Which Godsword Should I Get?

    I can afford either Bandos godsword or Zamorak godsword currently. But I'm getting 99 hunter and will be able to afford the Saradomin godsword in 1-2 weeks. I'm not going to get the Armadyl godsword, I'm not willing to pay 70mil for a weapon right now. I'm planning on getting 99 strength next, so which godsword should i get. Currently im swaying between Bandos and Saradomin godswords. Depending on which one i get please tell me the armour i should get with it. ;)
  3. Kevin Mich93

    Which Godsword Should I Get?

    Tyvm, I've come to the conclusion that I'm getting the Bandos godsword and I'm still giving the armour some thought. I'll eventually get either Saradomin godsword or armadyl godsword, depending how much money I have then. Ty again!! ;)
  4. Kevin Mich93

    Fletching Profit

    spinning all the flax you buy will be way too much trouble for some people, especially if youre just looking for quick fletch profit. lumbridge is not always fastest, spinning in seers with seers headband 2 actually makes the wheel go 50% faster. Not sure about netiznot, never spun there. Oh yea, I forgot about the headband, but if u do seer's you will have to walk some so they might be around the same speed. Ty I forgot about that. :lol:
  5. Kevin Mich93

    Which Godsword Should I Get?

    I still want to know what armour I need to wear with the Saradomin godsword. ;)
  6. Kevin Mich93

    Which Godsword Should I Get?

    ;) Yea I know I don't have 75 attack, but I'll get right after 99 Hunter. :lol:
  7. Kevin Mich93

    After 99fletching?

    I got 99 fletching and I'm working on 99 hunter now. I recommend hunter, because it is fast and and makes a good amount of money now. Do swamp lizards till 63, but if u want more money do them till 70. (I'm doing swamp lizards to 70). Then do red chinchompas all the way to 99. I don't recommend doing orange or black salamanders, because they don't sell and there is'nt a good banking spot for them. I picked red chinchampas, because they are stackable, you won't have to make any trips to the bank. Warning if you release your red chinchompas, all of them will be released! You should make 30+mil depending on the current prices. I hope this helps you decide which 99 to get next. ;)
  8. Kevin Mich93

    Fletching Profit

    I have 99 fletching and from 70 to 99 fletching I made around 10mil. All you have to do is buy yew logs and flax, both at net price, in the G.E. Spin the flax in Lumbridge, which is the fastest, and make yew logs. Once made sell in the G.E. at net price. You should make around 150gp per bow. Prices change so give or take 10gp. It is fast experience and gives good xp in fletching and crafting. By the time you get 99 fletching you should have 70 or higher crafting. I hope this answers your question. ;)

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