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  1. i posted it at 12:30am BRO U WANA FIGHT It was posted at 2:30am you filthy casual
  2. one23


    My school is a college, but it's actually just a high school!
  3. I'm personally quite relieved he passed away, from all accounts it sounded like he's been suffering with sickness recently and someone of his greatness and stature doesn't deserve that.
  4. There's a quote "You know they say you die twice, once when you stop breathing and again when your name is said for the last time" or something to the same effect, that's what motivates me to be successful, it's scary that at some point that there will be nothing left of you, you will cease to exist because no one remembers who you are. I know it's an inevitable thing but I want to be successful so that I'm remember for generations to come and never forgotten. It's probably quite self-centred of me but oh well.
  5. im in if i can pose sensually with sheep
  6. one23

    This thread

    what is the status on neckbeards?
  7. I think they did you a favour, the telecom stock modems are garbage.
  8. I didn't think it was much like Rebecca Black until the random black rapper ended up in the song.
  9. I think for the site to not become obsolete we need to ditch the current format and make the website heavily community based, personally, the only reason I bother to stick around at websites is for the community. We need a lot more discussion and more people contributing and working together on guides, not just one person writes the guide and then everyone else gets to see it, although I don't think a wiki style sort of thing would be a great idea as it is too anonymous and easy to mess with. The secret to making this site relevant again lies in the forums, I'm not sure how we would attract members here, but it's certainly the way to keep them to stay.
  10. LED is great, it does make things look so much better, I would recommend it. It's up to you though, just go into a shop and compare the two.
  11. Meiosis is Sex Cells Mitosis is all the other cells
  12. I have heard issues with the game compatibility, which is pretty much the only reason I'd recommend against it if you want to game. But maybe that's just the really old games? I've been using Windows 8 for like 11 months and I've only encountered a compatibility issue once with some random program that I don't even remember. I've never had trouble with games, although I could have just been lucky.
  13. r u srs u made a blog entry about possibly forgetting to play mafia and after saying that you dont even post here till now Well I wasn't really sure what was happening, but Reepi has clarified that I'm still playing.
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