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    Mista Hardrune runs
    mista hardune's neighborhood
    it is v good show

    featured on fox news
    and labeled "what not to do
    if ur successful"

    his neighborhood is
    overrun by angry trolls
    eating boys and girls

    this is all because
    people there made poor choices
    and foreclosed their homes

    bad economies
    always cause troll invasions
    this is proven fact

    fox news got it right
    mista hardrune's neighborhood:
    good for slayer tasks

    always remember
    fair and balanced never means
    no lethality


About My Character

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    Mr Hardrune
  • Additional RuneScape Name
    Soviet Sals
  • OldSchool RS Name
    Mr Hardrune
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    OldSchool '07
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    Slammin Salmon
  1. Mista Hardrune

    Θ Grαb Thε Phαt Θ (How is this still around!)

    I came back from the dead and grabbed that phat My Phat
  2. Mista Hardrune

    Hardrune's Back, Sort of

    I do like OSRS but I dread the thought of retraining myself from nothing, Not that I was any good at training in the first place.
  3. Mista Hardrune

    Found Something

    I have decided to do quests, might give hardrune a sense of actually achieving something, or some such nonsense Wish me luck I might be done by 2017
  4. Mista Hardrune

    Sobend Reading Club

    Man that reminded me of reading Updikes Centuar book He sure loved his Iliad and mythology And his baseball, of course
  5. Avatar:7/10 Cause it's Bill Murray Sig:6/10 Cause who's signature is that? Also wanna see my cucumber?Wart free ;)
  6. I'm all for womens rights and all, but replaceing a person on a bill just for the symbolizism of supporting womens rights is a little too far. It reeks of the radical feminism which has gained such a strong foothold in this country and is ruining us along with every other group who thinks they know what's best for us. Honestly what is a symbol going to do? Absolutely nothing, people buying things whether they be drugs or grocerys couldn't care less who is on the $10 bill. So I say who cares, only people who will remember will be historians, when they're writing about the crazy things we did to please others.
  7. Mista Hardrune


    Hi Dad
  8. Mista Hardrune

    Hardrune's Back, Sort of

    Around, quit runescape because It was boring, sals because the community died and went south to my eyes The friend chat was dead so I bounced and have been in real life, going to college and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life Have changed massively personality wise since I was 14 years old. Although I'm still prone to typing Like This I might start playing Runescape again, if RS3 is any good,(I've never played it) or play osrs So that's about it
  9. Mista Hardrune

    Hardrune's Back, Sort of

    That's just the Hardrune writing style.
  10. Mista Hardrune


    Had to reupload my sig
  11. Mista Hardrune

    Things that make me feel sad

    What a great loss to the community He was such a wonderful and contributing member to Sals realm He shall be missed ;) who are u gramps, i bet no one even remembers you hai <3 gramps? your account is older than mine you young whipper snapper Hi
  12. Mista Hardrune

    Hardrune's Back, Sort of

    I'm back for the community the dead community and because I got a thing im my email saying i've been a part of this forum 6 years although I haven't been active half that time So I guess I better find something
  13. Mista Hardrune

    Things that make me feel sad

    What a great loss to the community He was such a wonderful and contributing member to Sals realm He shall be missed ;)
  14. Mista Hardrune

    The last person to post here wins

    No posting after me The Rune decrees

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