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  1. 1badegg

    Account was essentially reset

    I had the same exact thing happen to me after logging in to RS3, so I logged into OSRS and nothing changed. Didn't really know what to do so I just decided to start over from scratch and I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit so that's not too bad of an option
  2. Starting to play more and more frequently usually when I have to kill time
  3. Yeah I just started OSRS again so I need to do the Shield of Arrav quest, haven't chosen a gang yet so just pm me and we'll get it done My name on OSRS is: BeezyToast
  4. 1badegg

    I Think I Quit?

    Yeah so i guess the title says it all. I'm quitting Runescape for awhile or for maybe forever. I've just lost interest in it for now. Sals has definatly made my Runescape expirience 100x better than it was, so I thought it would be right to say bye. BYE SALS!
  5. Thanks for telling that story! That was the highlight of my day so far!
  6. 1badegg

    10k Bet...

    We all have the pic in our minds yo. Good luck giving us all 10k
  7. 1badegg

    Interview With Excl!

    Nice interview. That Bob guy sounded hot. -.-
  8. 1badegg

    What Was That?

    I dunno what it was, but the RSOF are getting bombed by new threads about it.
  9. 1badegg

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    I think i will be attending this mass...if i find out what to bring. I know balmung will be one item.
  10. 1badegg

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    You guys are so lucky! This makes me regret the fact that i didn't come. I never knew Bob was psychic! -.-
  11. 1badegg

    Melik's 99 Woodcutting

    Grats Melik! Too bad i wasn't there.
  12. 1badegg

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    The trip was fun, but yes, we definatly needed more drops. Still made a good amount of cash though.
  13. Wow there's alot more pictures now, and they're all pure awesomesauce. Way to go!
  14. Oh my gosh melik! Only two of me? I'm sure i've said even better things than that tbto be honest. Plus, you need more pictures, cause these are just awesome.
  15. 1badegg

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    Can't wait for this one. I'm a little nervous since it's my first time at Arma, but i'm sure it wont be bad.

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