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  1. VOTE:Kamil because of frequent changing of votes before,but tbh not very active anymore (as the rest of us)
  2. there isnt that many people that are active enough :/
  3. i think i got more suspicious than him... Fair enough that u say that...
  4. perhaps kamil does it only to give ppl the illusion he is on their side, therefore wont think too much that he is mafia?
  5. Why do the same 2 people upvote aabid? His respect is almost zero :D

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. billions911


      hmmm that would make sense...

    3. Yuanrang


      Yeah, well, the upvoting stops now. I think it was perfectly fine to bring him back to 0, but let us leave it at 11 and let forum nature run its course.

    4. Tabt


      But I felt so shiny.

  6. wtf is pmq,pmh???and 144p...lol...
  7. Then by that logic you are mafia? post count isn't a definitive tell its just that scum are more likely to lurk. Kemo has posted more often than you have, in fact he's posted more often or the same as Adam, Jethraw, you, and Phoenix Rider. Does that mean that those 5 are all scum? Probably not. Oh, there's one or two scum in that group, certainly, but which ones? true,but im basing it off of whose been talking in current day.atm, there isnt much discussion except betweem u and lilshu
  8. basing on the activity of the day,it seems lilshu & tabt dont seem to be lurking, therefore arent mafia. havent seen kemo in a while, with lilshu's explanation, it makes him a little suspicious.
  9. my prediction is always right every year (tho its a 50% chance) i say 49ers
  10. The mod messages you and tells you to post/be more active. ok, thanks. Now that we know lonely is a doctor, mafia should know who else is mafia (assuming theres more than 1) Now,everyone who has tried to vote lonely off could potentially be mafia as they knew most would join them to lynch off a potential doctor. the person that comes to mind as the most suspicious due to voting for the easiest person to lynch, and potentially the most important, would be kamil
  11. :s it isnt.but it could be if ur colorblind ^_^
  12. i might win There's that too; it's a pretty unpredictable thing. Starting this post, I'm gonna try a new trick... what new trick?
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