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  1. Zw00d

    What If...

    Ok listen: Jagex Hires a trusted player (possibly an employee) to set up a money buy. They set up the trade or whatever and wait. When the gold traders start to trade them the cash or however they do it they have a moderator IP ban the account. Could this work? If not it would be funny as hell. -Zw00d
  2. Zw00d

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Not to get you kids off topic but.... I mod CoD2 and I am starting to mod CoD4. If anyone plays PC and wants a mod done hit me up here. Or if you have Xfire-lospwner -Zw00d
  3. Zw00d

    What Should I Train?

    Strength...so everyone is assured your a 90.. xD -Zw00d
  4. Zw00d


    Like the many other people on Sals I do not have the time to see this arguement go on. My imput: It does make you money: Shortcuts save time, and we all know time is money. If I can runecraft 300 more runes because of my agility level it is thus making me money. -Zw00d
  5. Zw00d

    Sal's Clan Chat

    Brain cell loss upon entering said chat usually ends with a few kicks. Just don't go in there anymore...trust me you won't miss it that much. -Zw00d
  6. Zw00d

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (delayed)

    Lol Sallers. Slammers. Anyways.... Yeah last time Tip it just camped freakin gdz and tanked for a long time. Hopefully sals MAXXED OPTS will do something this year... -Zw00d :) EDIT: To this guy... No disrespect to lakerkobe but you only say that because he's the first very accomplished person you say within your 30 posts... Btw Welcome to Sals. xD -Zw00d again
  7. Zw00d

    2 Bil Xp Gone?

    Lock this the second it is answered. I must me missing something because I thought Zezima had like 2 Bil xp? Now he has 1.194 bil xp? Did I miss something? AGAIN: I'm not worshipping Zezima. 1 Question. -Zw00d
  8. Zw00d

    It Would Really Stink If Jagex....

    Brought back the wilderness. Think about it...they would become semi-reliable again!!! OMG! -Zw00d
  9. Zw00d

    Random Rs Facts!

    The whole "sara pwnz" is from a conversation with an NPC. I think it's either Iffie in the church or someone at the Digsite Quest. Pretty sure it's Iffie. My fact: Bring a cup of tea into the Varrock Church and climb up till you find an old woman. Give her the tea and enjoy the story. -Zw00d
  10. Zw00d

    Woah Woah Clanwars!

    Let's say you DIDN'T READ ALL OF IT. I said they would be capped at 50 vs. 50. This makes the total you can earn AT THE MAX 500k. + That was the whole point of this game. It is possible to RWT, any update will do that. But adding the cap and other things like the 50 vs. 50 MAX STAKED FIGHT make it almost impossible. Read the whole thing next time. And btw, Welcome to Sals. -Zw00d
  11. Zw00d

    Why The Above Poster Is A Noob

    Because Pigeon Hawk is an extremely contradicting bird name. Nobody knows me here so i'm safe. -Zw00d
  12. Zw00d

    Woah Woah Clanwars!

    Where is proof of this? The wilderness is still fun, it's just you narrow minded people. And Jagex wouldn't lie about something. If they did, then they would lose customers. And there is proof of a new clan wars. I don't support. I guess I am too narrow minded to understand why it is still called the wilderness...and there is still a ditch. You don't support because Jagex has an update coming out... The guy who posted it off of Runescape.com has clear evidence that it might not come out for awhile. My solution is a much easier fix. -Zw00d
  13. Zw00d

    Skill Cape [email protected]

    You get something when you reach 99 called a hood a cape and an emote. What else do you want? -Zw00d
  14. Zw00d

    Dragon Dagger Specials

    YOUR RIGHT!! I mean come on the dagger can hit 40+!! Dharoks can only hit 100+....and Dark bows can only hit 45+ 45+...And ancients Can hurt + freeze you, or give the person hp... Reduce the special of 1 item reduce them all This isn't gonna happen. -Zw00d
  15. Zw00d

    Woah Woah Clanwars!

    You obviously did not read all of this. This is RWT free. Yes it could happen but at such a slow rate it would end up costing the RWT business to much time and effort. And RWT can still go on with the grand exchange... but is it still there, I think so. More then 6 people split the cash....if 50 sople live then it gets split up 50 ways. And if you were a "noob" you probably won't win. And to stop this the void knight damage requirement could be added/set as another option by leaders. If you have to deal a certain amoutn of damage or not. -Zw00d

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