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    No sleep 'til BROOKLYN!
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    hi im vera

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    im zezima, LOL
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    cooking (im a woman)
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  1. Vera

    Rap Topic

    I'm well aware that Fake is your name It's a good word to describe your game You think you got skillz, Think you payin' billz, 'Cause you rappin' across the internets Gonna go to Vegas, lose a fortune on bets Because your rhymez are not hardcore On your way out, don't let your face hit the door WORD
  2. Onions taste terrible
  3. I was just about to say this. I hate it when that happens. Fortunately, it's not happening right now.
  4. So don't fear If you hear A foreign sound To your ear It's alright ma, I'm only sighing
  5. I like how your avatar says "I have no idea what the hell a socialist is!". Although O'Reilly isn't intentionally partisan, his conservative bias is obvious. O'Reilly claims to be independent, Beck claims to be libertarian, but in the end, they're conservative nuts.
  6. To you, it's a good thing to kill someone a week after the sentence, and if not, to remove his rights and make him a lab rat? This is a hypocritical way to deal with murderers and this revenge mentality cripples society.
  7. Vera

    Rap Topic

    Yes, yes, ya'll, yes, yes, ya'll Top of the game you all know my name It's the mothafudgein' V to the E-R-A Now if you could hesitate and spare me some time, I will educatecha with my rhyme Rappin' is easy as one-two-three Even if you be a sucka MC All you need is some subjects that sound pretty G Give a shout out to your pseudo-gangsta bros Talk about how you a pimp dealin' with hos Your street image will be pretty phat Talk about guns, although yah don't own a gat Yeah, some fools wanna make intellectual rap But in the eyes of the radio that's all a buncha crap Some fools will brag about artistic skills But you gotta be thug life if you wanna pay the bills WORD
  8. I think you all need to watch this:
  9. Vera


    hes not a norse pagan hes
  10. twist "i like it" was funny the first fifty-two times
  11. Vera

    You Know What's Sad?

    It's repetitive and not very creative. It's also a little offensive how they rhyme "take it off" with "mozaltov".
  12. Vera


    Get well soon, Jack. Also, reading this changed my perception of you. Now I'm imagining you as an android, who instinctively lives by pure logic and reason, but he eventually discovers the power of emotion.
  13. Vera

    You Know What's Sad?

    huh wait i was misinformed; that's even worse oh and boom boom pow is #9? god kill me
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