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  1. Meyer1100

    Any Chance At Rune Fights?

    So after I get 70 pray, does everything else look good? And also, are rune gloves good enough?
  2. Gratz on Venge and Barrage! :D
  3. Will I have any chance at winning rune fights? My weapon will be an ags. Attack: 90 Strength: 96 - will get higher if needed Defence - 86 Prayer - 62 (will DEFINITELY get 70 when I am mems) Magic - 94 of course
  4. Meyer1100

    Brrring Back The Wildy!

    Did they mention anything about skulling? Will it go back to when you attack someone you get a skull? Also, I hope the new wild doesn't turn into every rune fight with both players with ss or smite on.
  5. If they do bring back free trade I wonder what will happen to all the rares. Phats would almost surely rise instantly, but I don't know about smaller rares such as santas or h'weens.
  6. Meyer1100

    Will Miss It - 99 Slayer As Combat 3

    Keep going! Gratz on 3.8k zeal! :D
  7. Meyer1100


    Gratz on 99 firemaking! :D
  8. I have recently been doing some f2p rune fights in pvp. When I get into the 5 hp range, I feel helpless because I can easily be taken out by the 2h. My question is, in f2p is there 2 foods that have no delay in eating? Like a shark-brew in p2p pking. I have heard something about pizzas, but I don't know if this is true.
  9. Meyer1100


    I am also having this problem. Gets frustrating after awhile.
  10. Meyer1100

    Seriousness Of Reports.

    +1 for the unexpected maturity Sorry for wasting your time. And btw, I just realized how stupid I sounded in my first post.
  11. Meyer1100

    Seriousness Of Reports.

    You guys are right. I am just acting a little ignorant.
  12. Meyer1100

    Seriousness Of Reports.

    I recently got reported for offensive language and got a mute for 3 days. I admit, I probably shouldn't have said what I said but I still think that I shouldn't have gotten a mute. I have a strong idea of who I think reported me, and that is a low level f2per. Now I am not normally a trouble-maker, in my 5 years of playing I have only had 3 blackmarks (or whatever they're called today), and this is my first one in 3 years! So the point I am trying to bring up is that Jagex should have some sort of system where higher level reports should be taken more seriously than lower level reports. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying low levels should not be heard, I'm just saying in general, higher levels are more mature and report for more serious things.
  13. Meyer1100

    Clue Scrolls

    Clue scrolls are supposed to be a random drop, so I don't think any monster drops them more than others. But I guess the faster you kill a monster the more kills you get, thus making you think you get clue scrolls faster. That is why I have found jellies good for lvl 3 clues.
  14. Meyer1100


    Maybe something green such as guthix d hide would look nice.
  15. Meyer1100

    How Can I Get From 50 To 60 Ranged Fast?

    I would not recommend this, as you wouldn't hit them very often. The fastest thing I can think of is using bronze knives against ogres, especially the ones in King Lathas' Training Area.

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