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  1. deke

    I am insane

    Thank you! Rocktails lots of LRC time :)
  2. deke

    Day of the Derp Vol. 5

  3. deke

    Finally maxed combat

    Grats !
  4. deke

    Skills 99 for All Skills?

    Aww you guys, I was trying to make her feel better about getting first 99! lol My fish and wc xp are high because they are afkable. I can read and play at the same time:) If you try to talk to me in game and I don't answer, it is because my kindle is propped on lap top over the chat box :P Sometimes if something is going on in clan I drag the chat box over to the right so i can see if i am needed in the conversation. Mostly I am reading or doing office paperwork while fishing. Point is Tragic Kingdom, do as others have said in here, train the skills you like, enjoy the game.
  5. deke

    Skills 99 for All Skills?

    I have been playing over 5 years and still don't have all 99's. Do the skills you enjoy first, or like me the ones that are free. I fished then cooked the fish before I banked them for 2 99's at no cost at all. (This was sharks in Catherby, before Rocktails) The I woodcut then fletched and/ or burned the logs for three others. No, I am not cheap! I am frugal ! Lol
  6. deke

    I am insane

    Thank you all! Goes back to the grind :)
  7. deke

    I am insane

    Ty Sobend. Yes, I am.
  8. deke

    I am insane

    Today was 100m Fish xp. That took a long time!
  9. deke


  10. deke

    Oh boy.

    I will probably train my least favorite skill, agility. no cost, just extreme boredom!
  11. deke

    Scottish Independence

    I just read the wiki on Scottish Independence, very interesting reading. All i really know is what I saw in the movie Braveheart. Freedom!
  12. deke

    Total amount of words written on here

    For me, not too many over the years. For someone like you with 5k + posts, wow a lot of words :) Merch Gwyar also comes to mind, she posted a lot also.
  13. deke

    Orange Juice

    Huge debate in our house, I like no pulp, husband wants with pulp. What we have depends on who grocery shops that week.
  14. deke

    graphic zoom out

    I have a 3 year old laptop with the same issue. Randomly my zoom weirds out and i cannot change it. I do use the client. Thanks for the tip on changing key binds, i will try that.

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