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  1. deke

    I am insane

    Thank you! Rocktails lots of LRC time :)
  2. Aww you guys, I was trying to make her feel better about getting first 99! lol My fish and wc xp are high because they are afkable. I can read and play at the same time:) If you try to talk to me in game and I don't answer, it is because my kindle is propped on lap top over the chat box :P Sometimes if something is going on in clan I drag the chat box over to the right so i can see if i am needed in the conversation. Mostly I am reading or doing office paperwork while fishing. Point is Tragic Kingdom, do as others have said in here, train the skills you like, enjoy the game.
  3. I have been playing over 5 years and still don't have all 99's. Do the skills you enjoy first, or like me the ones that are free. I fished then cooked the fish before I banked them for 2 99's at no cost at all. (This was sharks in Catherby, before Rocktails) The I woodcut then fletched and/ or burned the logs for three others. No, I am not cheap! I am frugal ! Lol
  4. deke

    I am insane

    Thank you all! Goes back to the grind :)
  5. deke

    I am insane

    Ty Sobend. Yes, I am.
  6. deke

    I am insane

    Today was 100m Fish xp. That took a long time!
  7. I will probably train my least favorite skill, agility. no cost, just extreme boredom!
  8. I just read the wiki on Scottish Independence, very interesting reading. All i really know is what I saw in the movie Braveheart. Freedom!
  9. For me, not too many over the years. For someone like you with 5k + posts, wow a lot of words :) Merch Gwyar also comes to mind, she posted a lot also.
  10. Huge debate in our house, I like no pulp, husband wants with pulp. What we have depends on who grocery shops that week.
  11. I have a 3 year old laptop with the same issue. Randomly my zoom weirds out and i cannot change it. I do use the client. Thanks for the tip on changing key binds, i will try that.
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