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    I love snowboarding, roller coasters, jet-skiing, friends, sports, tons of computer stuffs, video games (Halo)... Making people laugh! =D

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  1. 8.5/10 for both, nice! :(
  2. Gamefreakguy

    First Word That Comes To Mind!

  3. Gamefreakguy

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    :( 0/10 Sorry same for you.
  4. Gamefreakguy

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    7/10 I remember you. :(
  5. Gamefreakguy

    Large F2p/p2p 99 Mining And 99 Smithing Party!

    I'll come if I remember. :P
  6. Gamefreakguy

    World War Four- Done

    1) About Shooter... Yeah dude I don't think you really meant to cheat but you were told to leave and then came back and shot me. That's why people say noob. Despite that, I can't say you didn't do very well. And I'm not gonna look for it but I know early into this thread people were asking if they could be both a mage and a melee and same with range/melee and the answer was no, if you are a mage or a ranger you can only bring a scimmy and not full steel for when you run out of arrows/runes. 2) Snowball Wars is when 2 teams like what we did here attack each other with Wind Stirke (lvl 1 spell) that are little and hurt a little like snowballs because they're white. And btw Christmas Snowball Wars wasn't hosted by Sid and Jamie... :P It didn't turn out very well anyway... So plz jamie and Sid host it so it will be ownage??
  7. Gamefreakguy

    World War Four- Done

    I would've made it to the final-2 battle if it wasn't for that cheater Shooter... he took like half my inv of food... :( Well anyway I got 3rd. :) Rofl dude alright. :P That was amazing tanking and hugging, I gotta say. :P I felt like running in and helping but I couldn't because of my lack of, erm, aliveness. I went from 16-32 health while watching you tank them out. Oh... I was wondering who this was: Well, despite this, I got some sweet pix!! And 4 kills. ;) So here they are. Before Pure Dies: After Pure Dies (My kill)! Before Henoch Dies: After He Dies! (My kill again) Before Yimminy Dies: After Yimminy Dies! (My 3rd kill) Aryth Dying: Not my kill so ehhh sorry no before-and-after. And here is me dying. To that cheater Shooter. Wow I wouldv'e made it to the final battle!! So sad... :( So anyway very amazing event yet again Sid!! And Jamie!! Even though you weren't there Jamie. :( Hope you're ok. Umm... so let's see... we've had WW4! I think it's time for a... SNOWBALL WARS!!!!!! Woot. EDIT: Woah!! Dude... I posted my pics and just saw that DanielCook is messaging me in the first 2... Alright guys I swear on my honor as Red Team and all that is pure and good that I am not his friend, did not have him added, and did not message him back - I didn't even see that until now. :o Well, ehh, way to ruin my pic Dan. Oh, and I forgot to say before, Pawned 14 is ftw. :P Sobend for betraying sacred trinity of lvl 100's. :(
  8. Gamefreakguy

    World War Four- Done

    Woah wait... isn't it 4 pm Central US? That would have been 8 hours away from when you said that... umm... Well I guess I'll just come at 3 and see if it's then, if not then 4. :P Anyway, for sure IT'S TODAY!! P.S. Sports Boy just got to my house. Weee!
  9. Gamefreakguy

    World War Four- Done

    WOOO!! Be sure to make it a download too. :P So, me and Sports Boy have a graduation open house thingy at my house today, it'll end an hour before this starts so I hope I'll have enough time to prepare... Ehh I'm pretty sure I will. :o Red4Life
  10. Gamefreakguy

    Sals Realm Second Homecomming

    Hmm... I didn't know Queen Missy won last year! That's awesome!! I haven't seen her for a while now... (Missy come to WW4!) So then. King: Dani? Queen: Kittenblob.
  11. Gamefreakguy

    Close Please

    So... what actually happens in this?
  12. Gamefreakguy

    Tournament Of The Warriors

    I'll see when the date and time is set. Sounds kinda fun though.
  13. Gamefreakguy

    Knock Out!

    Any prizes or anything?
  14. Gamefreakguy

    Close Please

    I was still at work caddying and came home an hour after it happened... ^_^
  15. Gamefreakguy

    Please Close

    1) F2P only goes to 48. 2) I highly recommend having a meeting point before heading to the Wilderness or you will find yourself in a very chaotic situation. 3) Other than that it sounds fun. ^_^ I might come. EDIT: Nvm, I'll be on a trip starting the 10th. :P Good luck!

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