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  1. Black Tiger

    Jagex Now A Us Owned Company

    Makes me glad I already quit the game. Enjoy the game going downhill :(
  2. Black Tiger

    Close Pls

    Love how you guys underestimate the people who program the bots, they're not stupid. My guess is that, judging from what was said at RuneFest, the bots will come back, and then get stopped again, and so on.
  3. Black Tiger

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Best way to turn bad pic-->good pic: Smile. :( I hate smiling for pics XD
  4. Black Tiger


    I hope you realize that says "I lost my reproductive organs in a vending machine accident." Actually no, I asked my Chinese friend and they said it says "stupid mother". Sorry mate: tattoos are rather permanent. Mother is a one character word. I was wondering what the other character said. :( it is mother and it reads mu qin. It's a more proper way of saying mother, rather than just ma. ^ This.
  5. Black Tiger

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Bad pic D:
  6. Black Tiger

    Knife Wounds

    She* xD And the scar isn't TOO bad I suppose, kinda wish it wasn't there though.
  7. Black Tiger


    Hey guys. So I got my first tattoo the other day and was just wondering who else here has any tattoos? Feel free to post pics :( Here's mine: It says "Mother" in chinese, in memory of her.
  8. Black Tiger

    Most Fun Combat Style

    Depends entirely on what you enjoy most. Each style get updated now and again because they seem to take it in turns being overpowered :D I personally enjoy melee the most as I can deal lots of damage with it, but range and mage both have their advantages in certain situations. My advice? Train them all up as high as you can, so you always have the choice of which you want to use. Oh, and :(
  9. Black Tiger

    99 Assistlore!

    Gratz :( Jealous of people who get it cheap :D
  10. Black Tiger

    10thhhh Cape Stolen :)

    Yes, yes you should.
  11. Black Tiger

    10thhhh Cape Stolen :)

    Kinda no-lifed this one. Proud of that. >.>
  12. Black Tiger

    K Share The Luck Bro

    You would've thought for his A-Log picture he would've at least been wearing a dragon full helm :(
  13. Black Tiger

    Knife Wounds

    Hopefully I'm allowed to post these pictures But yeah late getting back to this topic, but here are the pictures of what happened to my arm when she slashed my arm (story in first post). WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES:
  14. Black Tiger

    I Feel Like I've Died And Gone To Heaven.

    Thankyou and I will :( Thanks :D And still got plenty left :D Gratz! And how in the world do you make your money anyways? BTW fly off to heaven now... Use your skillcape emote. Lost all my money staking yesterday :P Needed a reason to quit, unless I train other skills now like mining etc.

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