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  1. RuneScaper FX

    The Digsite Quest Rewrite

    kewl guide i made the first map over for u: [IMG=http://i32.tinypic.com/24ybclx.png] gratz on exceptence!! :P
  2. RuneScaper FX

    Community Hiscore System

    cool update, i gotta get meself added! but 1 thing... im not usualy 1 2 complane but the forums is super slow now... can u fix it plz? or is it just me? bc sometimes it is but never this slow... is it slow 4 ne1 else?
  3. RuneScaper FX

    Gertrude's Cat

    dont all quest guides need a fast quest walkthru? well i maed 1 for this guide: 1. Talk to Gertrude and accept the quest. 2. Talk to either Wilough or Shilop in Varrock square, ask if they have seen Fluffs. 3. Pay 100gp to find out Fluffs' location. 4. Head to the Sawmill, find Gertrude's cat. 5. Try to pick the cat up, then feed it a Bucket of Milk. 6. Try to pick the cat up again, feed it a Seasoned Sardine. 7. Try to pick the cat up again. 8. Find the kitten located in a crate in the lumberyard. 9. Use the kitten with Fluffs. 10. Return to Gertrude. 11. Quest complete!
  4. RuneScaper FX

    Dagonnoth Kings

    sweet guide lol very useful. but i noticed ur maps r the old 1s and are inaccurate. if i remember correctly the ladder is to the west, not south. and all the monsters around the dags arent spinolyps, thers 4 spinolyps and 4 suspicious waters. not a big deel but ya. i made 2 new maps; first is just the dag part with ONLY the monsters labeled: and second is the same area, just the paths u mention u should use:
  5. RuneScaper FX

    Character Make-over Rewrite

    i made a few new maps for u becuz the ones u have now are tiny and dont really tell -where- the place is. nice guide btw!!!!! :D :P :P
  6. RuneScaper FX

    New Wc Help Maps

    thanks for da compliments! fixed the last map, srry i took so long just started scool last week and didnt have time 2 check on this topic. hopefully sal uses these!!!! :D
  7. RuneScaper FX

    Problem W/ Site Calcs

    its workign, thanks sals. :D :D :P :/
  8. RuneScaper FX

    Problem W/ Site Calcs

    Not sure if this shud be posted here bc its not a forum thing, but i cant get the calcs working on the site. they work but when i type my username in or any1 elses and click the button it gets grayed out and stays liek that and it dont do anything. can some1 help? -.-
  9. RuneScaper FX

    New Wc Help Maps

    well i noticed the maps in the wc help guid are all jpeg and blurry, and the gray on sum of them are kinda hard 2 read. so i redid them: i maed them bigger (zoomed in] and used white instead of gray cuz its easier 2 see. so yea, use em if u want!:P :P :D :)
  10. RuneScaper FX

    Edgeville Re-write

    saw u were missing piccys for fairy rings and the canoe station, so hear they r: [img=http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/4759/edgecanoefx8.png] [img=http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4158/edgefairyringiz1.png] :D
  11. RuneScaper FX

    Desert Treasure Guide Re-write

    sure thing here u go: :/ Tell me if theres nething else i can do 2 make it better. ^_^ :P :P :)
  12. RuneScaper FX

    Desert Treasure Guide Re-write

    srry, i meant the 3rd pic. lol first seers partyhall is gone, so that part of the map is old. the map is blury like it was saved as jpeg the filesize is huge wich gave it away. plus the text on the map looks bad and is hard 2 read. i just maed a key 2 use b/c it looks cleaner. i just wanted 2 hlp...
  13. RuneScaper FX

    Desert Treasure Guide Re-write

    The 2nd map u have is outdated. i made u a new 1 and added a key insted of having text on the map so its easier 2 read.: Gratz on gettin ur guide excepted 2!!!!! :(
  14. RuneScaper FX

    Shield Of Arrav Fqw

    Hoep i did this right... i thought that the new guide needed a fqW so i wrote one, feel free to change w/e u need 2. Talk to Reldo in the Varrock Castle library. Find the book about the Shield of Arrav in the library. Talk to Reldo. Phoenix Gang: Talk to Baraek and pay him 20gp. Enter the Phoenix Gang's hideout and talk to Straven. Kill Johnny the Beard at the Blue Moon Inn to get an Intel Report. Bring the report to Straven to get a key. Enter the hideout and open the chest in the southwest to get a Left Half Shield. Leave the hideout, and enter the bulding east of the hiedeout. Climb the ladder inside, kill the level 22 Weaponmaster and pick up two Phoenix Crossbows. Give the crossbows to your friend in the Black Arm Gang. [*]Black Arm Gang: Talk to Charlie the Tramp near the Sword Shop, ask about the alley. Go inside the Phoenix Gang building and talk to Katrine. Give Katrine the Phoenix Crossbows that your Phoenix Gang friend gave to you. Go upstairs, search the cupboard on the wall for a Right Half Shield. [*]Each of you should bring you half shield to the museum Curator to get two half-certificates for your shield half. [*]Trade one certificate half to your friend in the opposite gang (he or she should trade on of their halves too). [*]Use the certificate half together, then talk to King Roald to retrieve your reward. [*]Quest complete!
  15. RuneScaper FX

    Imp Catcher Rewrite-complete.

    I see sal reading and hope it aint 2 late to post this: i made a map of the ways 2 get 2 the tower (Ty sal for font b4) u can add if u want.

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