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  1. Rker

    Latest Work

    Just some tags I made since I last posted in this section. They're listed in chronological order. C&C is appreciated.
  2. Rker

    Hiiiii Sals

    Nt bd t, altho u us da sam effcts n ders 2 mch ngtiv spac. I m imprsd bi sum f ur smdgng tho.
  3. I don't want to add a bank account or credit card though. Are there any other ways that I can quickly verify my account or even just raise my spending limit?
  4. I'm planning to spend about $300 on college textbooks using my PayPal account, but the account is still unverified. Without linking a bank account or a credit card to the account, can I pay the $9.99 fee on www.getpaypalverified.com to get verified? If this site actually works, are there any financial disadvantages to having this extra "bank" account?
  5. Rker

    What Grade Are You Going Into?

    Graduated HS two weeks ago. I'm off to college in August.
  6. I deleted my older, shoddy videos on YouTube and uploaded something that is actually watchable. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  7. Rker

    Saying Bloody Mary In The Mirror

    The first time I heard about this urban legend was when I was about eight years old. At eight, who isn't gullible? You could have told me that Pamela Anderson isn't actually a human, and I would have belie-...oh wait. Well, it took me some time to muster enough courage to finally pronounce the phrase five times... And...let me tell you. Bloody Mary is one damn party animal. We went out for ice cream that evening. I had the usual peanuts and chocolate toppings, but Mary...she was such a daredevil. She stretched out her bony, wrinkled arm and ripped one of my eyeballs, leaving a trace of delectable strawberry syrup running down my left cheek...plopped it in her smoothie like it was simply an oversized Dippin' Dot. Later that night, that woman even did a keg stand for me and my buddies. Truly a Kodak Facebook moment.
  8. Rker

    Stuck On Sigma Notation

    Well, my assignment was due this morning, so I no longer need any more help. Thanks for the assistance you've provided, Thomas. I just wasn't able to understand how you got from Step 2 to Step 3 in that picture you posted.
  9. I've been putting off this homework until the end of spring break, and now I totally forgot how to do it. If anyone here knows how to do this problem, it'd be immensely appreciated if you could show me the steps to solve it. Thank you.
  10. Rker

    Security Breach

    First signature in quite some time. Not sure what to think of this one.
  11. Rker

    Are You A Supporter Of Good Grammar?

    I almost always try to use perfect grammar on online forum sites.
  12. Rker

    Whats Your Favorite Clothes Store?

    I basically buy whatever looks good. I hate judging clothing based on their brand, but I can say that I will never voluntarily wear apparel from brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch. There are too many "posers" that have ruined the name for me.
  13. Rker

    Left Handed Or Right Handed?

    I perform most of my activities with my right hand if it's only a one hand job. I'm considering to use my left hand a lot more in efforts to become ambidextrous if it's possible.
  14. Rker

    Are You A Virgin?

    You can fit me somewhere between the two categories of people you listed there. By "the right time," I'm assuming most people mean that they'd rather lose their virginity to someone they have a loving mutual relationship with.
  15. Rker

    Do Any Of You Actually Play Runescape?

    I usually will still complete the holiday events, but that's about it. I hate to even use the word, "retired" because Runescape wasn't my career. I've played on and off over the years, but I was completely bored with the game once limits were added to the wilderness, duel arena, and trading system.

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