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  1. Adam?

    happy birthday!!

  2. Josh

    Krar Jnr

  3. Josh

    Canting Members

    I have graced your inbox with the presence of my prose.
  4. Josh

    Canting Members

    Is there anyone who is/was a member of Canting that is still active? I've got some questions about recent* occurrences, and I don't really know who to direct them to (ya josh #1 clan leader totally dedicates time to his clan etc). *Recent may be any time within the last few years
  5. Josh


  6. Josh


  7. Josh

    Your Thoughts on Pascal's Wager

    If God is infinitely merciful, why is he damning anyone?
  8. Josh


    ty ppl
  9. Josh


    21 2day
  10. Josh


    Thanks Mic.
  11. Josh

    so yea

    how is everyone?
  12. Josh


    living in a world where time passes
  13. Josh


    time flies
  14. Josh

    Clan titles

    This has been suggested countless times since titles came out on the CLF - the main overriding issue Jagex seem to have is the potential for abuse (by making your clan name into something that avoids the censor). There's also been a question of whether it's worth the time invested to do it, as you'd have to either have a JMod verifying all the titles before they're applied, similar to CLF access, and/or add a report abuse function/JMods to read the reports/etc. That's not taking into account the time required to code it either. That said, it's an ongoing discussion (there's currently a thread on the first page of the CLF about it), and may happen in future in the issues around it can be satisfactorily resolved.
  15. gz baby, those are some hot stats <3

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