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  1. Sir Alex

    Keldagrim Documentation Project

    Thanks, but i still need a lot of help. Pictures from inside buildings and outside, and from more angles.
  2. Sir Alex

    Keldagrim Documentation Project

    Looks good, thanks. Bad news is that i have to make the main building bigger, much bigger. Can i get some more pictures of the main building, i got it all wrong(dimension wise), should be twice the size. Number of squares would also be appreciated. Ok, i got some stuff done based on this picture:
  3. Sir Alex

    Keldagrim Documentation Project

    I don't need a picture of every pixel, that's fine. I can probably fill in the blanks. Oh, forgot to mention that Sauerbraten is actually free, so whoever helps me can actually connect to the same server and take a look at what i have.
  4. Hey guys, I left Runescape a long time ago but i could never forget the epicness of Keldagrim. Right now i'm playing a game called Sauerbraten, which is like any other first person shooter, with an added feature: in game editing of maps(which is available on multiplayer too). So I started building the dwarven city that I remembered, unfortunately i don't have much reference to go by, I used a map of it from here and some screenshots from google, however I find this not enough. So what I ask from the runescape members from here is to help me make this map by taking pictures/videos/explaining how everything goes together so I could recreate Keldagrim in sauerbraten. Here is the work that i had done so far on the center building(excuse the lighting):
  5. Hey guys, i didn't play RS since 2006. I played less and less until the grand exchange came in and i eventually quit when i found out i couldn't give a poor noob more than 3k. I'm thinking of maybe returning. What did i miss? To start... what is that stray dog from varrock?
  6. Sir Alex

    What Have I Missed?

    Hello... I'm in the same situation. I didn't play since last year around this time, just before summoning kicked in. Oh! sweet, no macroers means more yew cutting! what's the price for yews? Question: what happened to zezima?
  7. Sir Alex

    The Eyes Of Glouphrie

    I can help you make furniture 3 levels ahead of your level, it can also be combined with tea and stew
  8. Sir Alex

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  9. Sir Alex

    Player Owned Houses!

    any fast guides?
  10. Sir Alex

    Fakes Guide

    100/10 (no not a mistake) ty for toolkits to!
  11. the cave entrance does not leave only to tzhaar fight caves but to tzhaar city
  12. Sir Alex

    Wilderness Bandit Camp Guide

    U can make anchovy pizza there if u have a net and money!
  13. Sir Alex

    Champions Guild Dungeon

    i think there is a lesser 2!

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