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  1. Thanks, but i still need a lot of help. Pictures from inside buildings and outside, and from more angles.
  2. Looks good, thanks. Bad news is that i have to make the main building bigger, much bigger. Can i get some more pictures of the main building, i got it all wrong(dimension wise), should be twice the size. Number of squares would also be appreciated. Ok, i got some stuff done based on this picture:
  3. I don't need a picture of every pixel, that's fine. I can probably fill in the blanks. Oh, forgot to mention that Sauerbraten is actually free, so whoever helps me can actually connect to the same server and take a look at what i have.
  4. Hey guys, I left Runescape a long time ago but i could never forget the epicness of Keldagrim. Right now i'm playing a game called Sauerbraten, which is like any other first person shooter, with an added feature: in game editing of maps(which is available on multiplayer too). So I started building the dwarven city that I remembered, unfortunately i don't have much reference to go by, I used a map of it from here and some screenshots from google, however I find this not enough. So what I ask from the runescape members from here is to help me make this map by taking pictures/videos/explaining how everything goes together so I could recreate Keldagrim in sauerbraten. Here is the work that i had done so far on the center building(excuse the lighting):
  5. Hey guys, i didn't play RS since 2006. I played less and less until the grand exchange came in and i eventually quit when i found out i couldn't give a poor noob more than 3k. I'm thinking of maybe returning. What did i miss? To start... what is that stray dog from varrock?
  6. Hello... I'm in the same situation. I didn't play since last year around this time, just before summoning kicked in. Oh! sweet, no macroers means more yew cutting! what's the price for yews? Question: what happened to zezima?
  7. I can help you make furniture 3 levels ahead of your level, it can also be combined with tea and stew
  8. 100/10 (no not a mistake) ty for toolkits to!
  9. the cave entrance does not leave only to tzhaar fight caves but to tzhaar city
  10. U can make anchovy pizza there if u have a net and money!
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