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  1. Who's a cutie? You're a cutie True 2k8.
  2. http://img602.imageshack.us/img602/6183/cgrbwaffles.png http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/4044/cgrbforums.png http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/2982/cgrbmain.png http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/6306/cgrbrunehead.png http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/6633/cgrbslide.gif
  3. Anyways...haha...uhm. This is really sad. I hope those affected can uh, find comfort.
  4. So, 84 woodcutting. I wanted to get 85 woodcut, but I became very bored. I figured it would be best if I did something else, because if I kept doing wc I would eventually strangle myself with my mouse. And I didn't want to do that. I figure I will work on maybe getting all of my non combat skills to 60. That should be pretty easy, runecraft and smithing will be a pain but hey, it needs to be done sooner or later. I also need to update my skill log so I will work on that too.
  5. Wooh Skold, add some images. Good luck mate.
  6. Wow, this is such a beastly log. Haha, you account is what dreams are made of.
  7. 99 range AND 99 prayer....opening up a can of whoop ahh are you?
  8. Haha, that is some gangsta typing. Good luck with conquering runescape.
  9. So, I'm back to Runescape. It has been about 5 months. Ha, it was hard to remember how to do my skill log, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't mess it up too bad. I'll try to keep my log up to date so check it outtt. A nice little welcome back gift... I was about 6k xp away when I logged on. Made my day.
  10. haha that's funny that he would wait all that long and then you just do that...haha. way to be!
  11. All of the time...and I play like an hour a day and my mom still yells at me...
  12. that's one tough guy...i'd have to live past 2100...ugh....
  13. epic stuff, but that's a pretty easy one to play, especially the first.
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