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  1. Dobbo

    Corrupt Pmods

    Read what I said, no they can't. Also, it's not possible to automate RWT advertisers directly through the chat log due to the sheer amount of possible character combinations they could use.
  2. Dobbo

    Corrupt Pmods

    I'm a PMod, if it was an unfair mute then it'll be lifted, if it's not lifted then you were breaking the rules in some way. Every mute is manually validated by a JMod.
  3. No worries :D hope it helped! Sorry it took so long
  4. Hi all, First of all, I fully appreciate that this topic is old but as it's on topic, I figured it made more sense than creating a new topic to cover the same thing, but if that's what Admins/Mods want I don't mind creating a new one? Secondly, sorry for being rubbish at replying and getting on here but I've had a manic few months, including final exams at uni, moving to the other side of the country amongst other things. Right, on to the topic at hand! I've spent the evening working on sorting this out as I was frankly blown away by how much it was used (10k+ hits!), so I thought from a user's point of view I owed it to you to sort it out. It turned out the original host I was using appeared to have gone bust! So I dug out the old code, signed up with a new host and got it all up and running again! One downside however, is I can't for the life of me remember the password to the old re-direct website, so we've got a new one: http://knotsolver.co.cc/ Note the lack of 'celtic' in the title! I apologise for this mix up! I'll try and get on here daily to address any issues, but it's probably more likely to get a response if you post on the site itself too! But please post any issues/comments if it helped, feedback makes it all worth it :( Many thanks, Dobbo
  5. That's great, thanks guys :( Still think I'll hold on and wait to see how it plays on my machine before deciding on an upgrade, though will ask here first before I invest anyway :D Any idea what it'd be like on this machine? My place of work is upgrading and pretty intrigued to see what it'd be like on this: http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/control...p;Code=W520BEST
  6. That's great thanks :( Think I'll hold out then just see how it runs! Don't really want to go playing about with graphics cards unless I need too.
  7. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong section, wasn't sure if it should be in the gaming bit as it's about a game, but figured due to potential upgrades it would be fine here. So I'm wanting to get BF3 when it comes out, and ideally would like to play it on decent settings, my current setup is this: Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4800 series (3gb ram by the looks of it) OS: Win 7 64bit RAM: 6GB Processor: Intel i7 920 @ 2.67ghz If you need to know any more info just shout :( Thanks alot!
  8. Dobbo

    Psn Hacked...again? And Now Nintendo.

    Sweetie, if someone wanted to hack XBox Live, they could. Nothing is 100% secure. A) Xbox Live has a more comprehensive security and B) IF someone were to hack into it they'd have to decrypt all the data in order to get anything. With Sony you just have to hack into it. From a neutral standpoint... Nobody would've expected the PSN to be so vulnerable yet it was, it's more than feasible that the xbox system is just as flakey
  9. Dobbo

    *your* Top Games

    1) MGS3 - Was taken back by just how good it really was! 2) FIFA Series - Pretty much live by this 3) GTA Series, specifically San Andreas.
  10. As he's calling it football, I'm guessing he's from the UK so Old Spice/Axe isn't available (Well, Axe is in the form of Lynx if I'm not mistaken?). Why not just take deoderant/anti-persperant to school in your bag, that's what we always used to do.
  11. Mhmm there shouldn't be, it uses pretty much the same algorithm as the other ones. Is this with the new system or the old one? I'll be able to take a proper look in a week or so, I'm just in the middle of exams so not got much free time to fully investigate at the moment sorry.
  12. Dobbo

    Blending Pictures

    Is it wrong that I prefer your second one? Just looks nice like the sun is setting against it.
  13. Dobbo

    Where Are The Green Drags?

    Theres some in the Chaos Tunnels (Wilderness Entrance, but not a wilderness zone), also there are some 'Brutal Green Dragons' in the Ancient Cavern, though these are stronger than normal green dragons.
  14. Dobbo


    Congrats on 99 Summoning, a great achievement! Did you just slay for the charms? Also, why the 140? Or have I missed something? :D Nevermind, I just saw the text..

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