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  1. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

  2. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

    A wild VIRUS appears!
  3. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

    Okay, uh ... GIANT CAPSULES are falling from the sky! There appears to be some DOCTOR'S HEADGEAR lying on the ground ...
  4. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

    I don't think that worked out very well... This place doesn't look safe.
  5. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

    The gun was broken in the crash, but ... A wild SPARTAN WARRIOR approaches!
  6. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

    I don't think he's buying it.
  7. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

    I got a katana! But it sounds like the POLICE are coming ...
  8. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

    I throw out the bad shrooms. Everything is a little more vivid. OH GOD THE NINJA he's still coming
  9. c0dex_

    Help Everybody!

    okay guys I'm in a car and a ninja is chasing after me WHAT DO I DO
  10. c0dex_

    Runescape Clan + /b/

    you're all idiots
  11. c0dex_


    Honestly, Gamecube mods are pretty much dead now. If you wouldn't care to blow some cash on a Gamecube, why not go for an Xbox instead? The mods are far superior. Nothing quite like XBMC.
  12. c0dex_

    Vote For John Mccain

    Actually, my OP here is a much better reason than the fact that he's tech-illiterate. Unfortunately, few of you actually bothered to watch the video.
  13. c0dex_

    Vote For John Mccain

    Hey guys I'm older than the general Runescape player and a distinguished member on a Runescape forum. I guess I'm better than everyone else on the forum. God I'm so cool. It's a good thing there isn't an underlying joke here that I'm missing so that I can take an opportunity to age-bash.

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