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  1. i kitra i

    Canting Event: Fred Gwyar's Leaving Drop Party

    Runescape feels less like a work of art developed by a passionate staff, and more like a series of desperate ploys for real world dollars. I expect Fred is one of many making a wistful exit from the game.
  2. i kitra i

    I'm Going to Jagex on Friday

    Teacuptime, what an excellent assessment!
  3. i kitra i

    Midnight BXPW: False Start Ftl!

    How could you tell it was on tick 11?
  4. i kitra i

    Trevorghost's Trip to Insight Venture Partners

    Lilshu & Venom make valid points, but you have to admire the spunk Trevor showed in trying to meet someone to resolve the issue. It may not have been "proper channels" but it beats flailing about on the forums.
  5. i kitra i

    Sick Of Game Crashes

    This has happened to me in the past; I find that it will happen repeatedly until I reboot. I'm assuming you rebooted, but just throwing it out there to be sure. :)
  6. i kitra i

    Guinea Pigs Needed For Hiscores Excel Sheet Please!

    Merch, I fixed the sorting problem by adding dollar signs to the cells that find the difference between your skill XP and the average. My cell that had the "average" was H27, and so I used $H$27. That eliminated the problem that arose whenever I sorted -- the sorting was "changing" the cell pointer in the formula. Fun Stuff!! You rock btw :) :) <3
  7. i kitra i

    Vanstrom Klause Is Dead! (and I Have 90+ In All Skills)

    Wooooohoooooo!!! Congrats Merch!! :) :) :)
  8. i kitra i

    Guinea Pigs Needed For Hiscores Excel Sheet Please!

    It was absolutely my most enthusiastic pleasure to be able to guinea pig this process ;) One thing I did note is that I have to "tell" the spreadsheet to auto-update every time the file is opened. I use Excel 2003, and I did this by right-clicking the A1 cell in the Data worksheet, then selecting Data Range Properties, then selecting "Refresh data on file open".
  9. i kitra i

    Here Come The 93s!

  10. i kitra i

    Guinea Pigs Needed For Hiscores Excel Sheet Please!

    That was fantastic, Merch -- thanks so much :) I did have some troubles with the "format" in that when I used the arrow to sort the column in ascending or descending order, it caused the numbers in my "averages" column to get out of whack. I'm not sure if it's because I am using Excel 2003 or if I input something incorrectly... but as long as I don't try to sort that column, the averages are all okay. I can't wait for you to do the third installment which shows how to get the XP to next level info put into your data chart. Thanks again for the tutorial!!! :)
  11. i kitra i

    Death And Msclick

    Hey Merch, the updated Temple Trekking has a reward that includes a teleport to Burgh de Rott on a games necklace. Doesn't have to be recharged. :) Good luck with your next fight :)
  12. i kitra i

    Bonus Xp Weekend

    Merch, I have had success using the strange rocks and the statue collection bag for ZMI crafting ... I just empty out my bag when I need a full bank, and fill it back up again when I need space. :)
  13. i kitra i

    Nomad's Requiem - The Final Battle

    Many Many Congrats Merchy! How very happy you must be! :)
  14. i kitra i

    Gf Nomad, Bloody Gf

    WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! Over the moon excitement! *** DETAILS !!! ***
  15. i kitra i

    How Big Is A Square?

    I slayer-ring out of the bog event back to morytania slayer tower. works like a charm. :) ... not quite as good as a talon charm, but y'know.

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