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  1. Owenzzz

    * Chapmanoo's Skill Log *

    been a while, managed three 99 skills in 8 years, not great but hey its something All three skills were completed the same way, AoE blood barrage in the abyss (runecrafting tp place) in legacy combat mode afking watching netflix :)
  2. Owenzzz

    * Chapmanoo's Skill Log *

    oh shizzle what up dat boi is back
  3. Owenzzz

    * Chapmanoo's Skill Log *

    thanks, will do :P
  4. Owenzzz

    * Chapmanoo's Skill Log *

    60 slayer !?!??!?!
  5. Owenzzz

    Demsla/ipaul's Log! 79/85 Slayer

    lol, on his pic of getting quest cape, im the one in full black/red mystic =D
  6. Owenzzz

    * Chapmanoo's Skill Log *

    Got 73 HP today! Woop! Doing quests a.t.m, As a first resort then Back to my roots for the experience, should get 70 woodcutting from them quests Go Me! UPDATE 74 atk aswell *UPDATE* 74 atk aswell :) *Update* Got 59 slayer, 43 summoning, 69 range, 75 atk and 74 hitpoint, but forgot to screenshot Im such an idiot guys, i'm so sorry I'm glad to say that my new max hit is 36 with melee no pot :( And max with range is 20 no pot :o No idea what my max with mage is now, but i hit 20 with saradomin strike which is max :o (uncharged) My goals are to screenshot my achievements ;) unless i don't already have a screenshot there, i'll leave it until the nearest 10, or 5 for combats so the nearest one's are 70 range 75 hp 60 slayer Looking forward to putting these screenshot in, keep yur replies coming, i love reading them ;)
  7. Owenzzz


    nice comments, some are very long-winded though, your comments say what the skill is, not what you do with it. Nice log though, Support =D
  8. Owenzzz

    Omg New Runescape Armor! Bronze (g)!

    I like it, think it's not too imaginative but, couldn't do any better myself 9/10
  9. Owenzzz

    * Chapmanoo's Skill Log *

    thanks loads guys =D havn't been on RS for a while, about 20k off 70 w/c so should hav a screenie =D
  10. Owenzzz

    * Chapmanoo's Skill Log *

    Hello, Thank you for looking at my log, it isn't much i know, but i will be adding more as this is my first post NEW SIGNATURE!!!! Got this out A.S.A.P, but I will make it better, this is just the first I\\\\\\\'ve made. Photoshop + YouTube Tutorials = win! Attack - Training Weapon = Whip I don't particularly like Attack but it is useful as you are able to use more weapons =D. I would like this to be 85 because i can use pretty much any wepon and i will hit fairly often on people/enviroment without hitting too many 0's which will be pretty useful Defence - Training Weapon = Whip Defence is cool, but it is sooo annoying to train as i don't hit high training it also good as it means that I don't get hit asmuch as i would if i had a lower defence, around 85 should do me well Strength - Training Weapon = Dragon Scimitar I love Strength, it is my favorite Melee combat skill =D purely because the higher it is, the higher you hit. 72 Hitpoints - Training Weapon = Whatever i'm using at the time Hitpoints is cool, but takes ages to level as it is somthing ridiculos like 1.4xp for every 1 damage you do...Would love to have this 99, but you can't exactly train hitpoints can you. 60 Range - Training Weapon = Knifes or Mithril Bolts I used to HATE range, but now it is my favorite skill of all =D Prayer - Fast, enjoyable, but expensive, i'll carry on with this once i am rich Magic - Very repetative, boring, but pays it all off with awesome spells at level 90+ ] Cooking - Easy, boring and time-wasting, but an easy 99 according to the amount of people with the skillcape Woodcutting - Easy, fun but time-wasting, getting 99 soon so should have screen-shot Fleching - Again, easy but time-wasting is you don't buy the logs Fishing - Enjoyable but i can't do it for more than 30 minutes as i get bored Firemaking - Love the skillcape emote, it ownz!!! Crafting - If I had the cash, I would get this to 99, but I think I'll stick with 85 Smithing - Same as with Crafting, I'll stick with 85 Mining - Easiest skill in the game, nothing goes wrong, just alot of time and dedication needed Herblore - Boring, waste of time and cash Agility - Love it, hate it, depends what mood I'm in Thieving - Repetative, but enjoyable at times. 56, don\\\\\\\'t know where 57-59 went lol ;) Slayer - Some Geek called "Demsla" or "ipaul" or "Pheoniixx" or "Capt. Fail" got me into this skill, he now has 87M cash (Lucky B*tch) Farming - I will get this up when I have all my other goals. Runecrafting - Pointless, you can buy the runes for less most the time Hunter - Only good when you have it around 80, but good money Construction - One of my favorite skills, shame it's sooo expensive 38 39 Summoning - Time wasting gathering charms so i'll leave it untill i have enough charms for lvl 75 Quests Great Brain Robbery Another Slice of H.A.M! Regicide Randoms How the hell can you be so gulable Mystic Hat drop from Wall Beasts I WILL POST THE UPDATES HERE *Update* 01/08/09 Got 59 slayer, 43 summoning, 69 range, 75 atk and 74 hitpoint, but forgot to screenshot (sorry guys) *Update* 04/08/09 Got 61 slayer, 70 range Woop! *Update* 08/08/09 Got 97 combat and 78 attack *Update* 10/08/09 Fur 'n' Seek completed *Update* 11/08/09 57-61 crafting Looking forward to putting these screenshot in, keep yur replies coming, i love reading them

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