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  1. DiZomniac

    I Luv U Kiten

  2. DiZomniac

    I Luv U Kiten

    (Picture removed - Patou)
  3. DiZomniac

    Death Note V.2

    You used to fail, but now you are normal. All praise the DN!!
  4. DiZomniac


    To prove that Stranglehold is awesome, the filesize of the demo is 1337 MB.
  5. DiZomniac

    What Are You Dressing As?

    Hooray for Scout Troopers! :o
  6. DiZomniac

    Stop Motion Day

    Super Special Awesome!! :o
  7. DiZomniac

    Official Guitar Hero/rock Band Thread

    Not every way. GH3 is coming out for just about every console and PC and Mac. As far as I know Rock Band is only coming out for 360 and PS3. Also I think I read somewhere that you don't need to have 4 people the AI will. But couldn't you just assign the AI to the three hardest parts, and then just do the easy part, while they get 100% no matter what? :o
  8. DiZomniac

    Official Guitar Hero/rock Band Thread

    The only reason I would think people would not want to play rock band is because it actually REQUIRES four people, and the price tag. But other than that, Rock Band owns GH3 in every way.
  9. DiZomniac

    Final Fantasy: Era Of Darkness

    Silavor, make with the Ereshk-walking-across-the-foot-melting-bridge. Now. :o
  10. DiZomniac

    One Over Zero-roleplay

    Not accepted. From all your roleplaying I have seen, you are not all taht good at it. Also, lern2comma. Hmm. I think I might join the RolePlay. :o Author: Name: DiZ Appearance: His long, black cloak, robe, and hood hide his features. 'Hmmm.....Aha! I know exactly what to make! Tailsteak, this one is for you.....' A miniature human rib appeared, a bit bigger than the other characters, but tiny nonetheless. "Oh good god not this again...." said Ribby, his armless hands floating around his body aimlessly. 'Damn, you still have your memories from that webcomic you were in....We'll have to fix that.' He snapped his fingers, and a small explosion sound was heard. A blank look appeared on Ribby's face. Then, suddenly, he stared at the general direction of the "screen", so his author could see him, and exclaimed: "Hi! I'm Ribby, where am I?" 'A roleplay, dear Ribby. I am DiZ, the one who created you. ' "Oh, cool. Sooo.....What am I supposed to do here?" Ribby said, a questioning look on his face. "And also, where is the ground? We're kinda just floating around here...." 'Crap, forgot about that.' A clapping sound was heard, and a horizon, nothing more than a line in the distance, appeared. Also, there was a little bit of texture on the "ground". 'Well, it isn't much, but now there is ground. Run along now, and go meet your friends....You shall be stuck with them for eternity.'
  11. DiZomniac

    Prize/survey Website That Actually Works!

    Yeah, the only bad thing about it is that it takes FOREVER to process your points. For me, at least. :o I've done about 5 offers so far.
  12. Link in my siggy. I know a few people who have gotten things from them, from just 1 day of filling out surveys, and things of that sort. Testimonials of the Customers I'm still deciding one what to get. :P That PSP looks nice.....:o The main reason I like this site is because every other site like this is just some dumb scam, you finally are about to get the prize, then it just says "Cannot Process Order", or something like that. Also, is this considered advertising? If so, mods, please close.
  13. DiZomniac

    To Christians

    I'd assume he would fade into nothingness.
  14. DiZomniac

    Will It Blend? Chuck Norris

    There's already a topic about this in the 'Scape Lounge. 'Tis still ownage, though.
  15. DiZomniac

    One Over Zero-roleplay

    ;) :D Bleh, we can't start until all characters are made. Get on with it!!

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