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  1. sregit


    aabid....ms click still plays and is deputy owner of canting clan; she is often in w84 at lrc fishing for rocktails
  2. sregit

    Leaving drop party and lottery

    thank you for hosting....it seemed like old times for a while...come back oldmaroon
  3. sregit

    Review: The Void Stares Back

    wtg, clanmate
  4. sregit

    Vivathia's Say

    ach...merch, we do miss ye
  5. sregit

    Vanstrom is dead! Vivat Myreque!

    Thanks for the information. I finally killed him after reading this blog. I used the stakes; I wore full gano gear. I had taken an overload in the anteroom and rebalanced with Sbrew and Srestore...I had cut down on the number of potions I carried, following your advice. I had probably one Srestore, two brews, and two prayer pots, all in flasks. I had failed probably about 10 times to kill him. The gano armor made a real difference. The rapid attack did too; in fact, I spam clicked attack for range when I was almost adjacent to him and vanstrom seemed unable to respond. I did not do great damage during this time, but hit him about 10-15 times in a row without an attack on his part, or so it seemed. I was not terribly efficient in defense...he pummeled me with the darkness, but was not as accurate with his blood attacks. The rocktails kept my con points up as I attacked. His healers were unable to get heal him so that I was able to get him to half hitpoints and the second time he flew, I got some lucky shots in. I was luckier still that although my rocktails ran out about the time that the overload ran out, I still had an Sbrew and a restore left. It kept me alive until I had lured him into the holy water pool enough times to get to the cutscene. I see your point about ROL...I would have been transported out before I won...I had 8 con points left...even before his dying strike. SO thanks again for the information!
  6. sregit

    Relationship Advice

    As a parent of a child deaf in one ear, I read your articles with a great deal of interest. There are times that he struggles and won't admit it. Thanks for posting the articles. It gives me a lot to think about. As for relationship advice, I would be much more likely to have an opinion if I knew the age of the person(s) involved. What is appropriate at twenty two might not be for twelve, though emotionally, I lean to the side of "go ahead, so that you won't be wondering twenty years in the future..what if.." as in the old song that begins "I know one or two things about love" and ends with the passionate chorus "tell him, tell him, tell him that you love him." But remember, Romeo and Juliet's story can be read as what happens when great love meets immaturity just as well as when great love meets misfortune and the hard, cold world. You are, for this community and and this clan, a tower of strength, silver girl...and not just because you won in the fight caves.
  7. sregit

    The end

    another sad loss...how few remain
  8. sregit

    Canting Beats Sal's Realm (Again)

    that was fun...let's do it again.
  9. sregit


    been a while
  10. sregit

    No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

    Merch, Are you there?
  11. sregit

    No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

    Well-done, silver girl.
  12. sregit

    Canting Event: Fred Gwyar's Leaving Drop Party

    A sad moment for canting in particular and rs in general
  13. sregit

    The Varrock 1337 Prayer Slayer! Woot!

    get 'em merch!
  14. sregit

    The Varrock 1337 Prayer Slayer! Woot!

    get 'em merch!
  15. sregit

    Hiscores Sept 2011

    what a great picture!

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