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  1. the halloween event is out fast people go do it before it ends aka i did it on first day not hard at all
  2. AdamAkkach

    Name Change Poll!

  3. AdamAkkach

    Photo Dump

    well try to get better pics
  4. AdamAkkach

    Put Up Your Clan

    If You Need a clan join my one all are welcome My clan is adamakkach Description: adamakkach coming to the wilderness Main World:141 Wildy Bases:Alter, Fishies, ClanWars, BanditCamp, RevHouse NonWildy Meeting spot:Grand Ex http//runescapeclanadamakkach.yola.com
  5. AdamAkkach

    Need Clan!

    Join the clan adamakkach coming to the wilderness This clan is for members and mainly free players This clan is for RevHunt and ClanWars Main world:141 Bases in widy:Alter, Fishies, BanditCamp, Clan wars Meeting spot not in widy: Grand Ex
  6. AdamAkkach

    Proof Of God

    Never say god is not real

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